They Razed Paradise


Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Camp Council, the overnight
summer camp I attended for several years as a boy. It was located in rural
Phoenixville, PA. Since I was in the area for the wedding, I decided to see
what, if anything was left of the pool, the cabins (we
called them bunks), and so on. I knew the camp had closed in 1986,
but I thought perhaps there would be some remnant.

Here’s what’s left: nothing. It’s now a housing development.

Phoenixville looks a lot like some parts of Maryland up Interstate 270: an unholy
union of beautiful rural landscapes and strip malls, old wooden barns
and aluminum sided houses.

A few familiar sites remain, thankfully. French Creek, where we would
go to fish and canoe, is still there, as is the covered bridge, and the
crumbling stone house to which we sometimes hiked. The counselors
told us a witch once lived there (shades of the Blair Witch Project).

How strange that this decaying structure, which probably predated the
camp (dedicated in 1927), still survives.

I took some photographs, which you can see if you click the thumbnail.

UPDATE: Camp Council photos from 1964-1968, courtesy of Gail!



UPDATE: Dave Frederick’s Camp Council Website.


UPDATE: Camp Council photos from Michele!



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  1. That’s gorgeous. There’s a covered bridge within walking distance of my house! Did you go hiking?
    I always wanted to go to some summer camp as a child (and later I read that summer camp is where you have all your first sexual experiences!) but I missed out. I did go to Space Camp, but that was really dork-warehousing and though I had a few riviting conversations with yuppy-larva about their investments (and we were 8 – dorks – oh and ‘Clarissa’s brother’ from “Clarissa explains it all” was there too) there was no poontang.

  2. Hey there
    I went to Camp Council also. I was there from 79-86.
    I was woundering, who wrote this article?

  3. I went to Camp Council when it was all girls from approx. 1970 – 1974
    (I remember watching Pres. Nixon leave the Whitehouse in the counslors’bunk),
    Those were the best year’s of my life; and my live ain’t too bad right now.
    French Creek, the witches house – I remember. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Went to Camp Council 77-80.
    My favorite girls: Doreen, Jodi, Alana & Martina.
    Councilors: Rob “Greenfly” & Co.
    Anybody remember these people?
    Great memories, lost virginity, all kinds of good stuff.
    Reply to

  5. What I cant believe is I found a message board of those who were there and remember the camp in such detail. I was a camper from 1983-1985. My mother was a camper when it origionally was only for girls during the 1950’s. When I turned 18 I asked my father to drive me out there to see it again. My mouth dropped open to find absolutely nothing. Except, the old wishing well is still there, in front of someone’s house. The bunks, mess hall, soccer/archery and baseball fields gone. The valley which had a creek run thru it, the grounds keeper’s house, basketball court, girls bunks, nurses office. ALL GONE. It was heart breaking. Does anyone remember our old buddy Jake, the director. He was such a wonderful guy. I remember well, Tina and Tammy twin sisters, the counselers always going hunting and the their midnight fish and corn dinners. The old corroded piano in the library. The after dinner, activities in the field next to mess hall. It was a wonderful place. The fondest memories of all was night before leaving for home. We all got together in the mess hall and sang, “you’ve got a friend”. The entire camp walks to Kimberton Mall(name’s changed now) and calling home collect.
    The entire camp going to swim in the pool at night. And yes the trips to the dam and canoe trips in the brown van.
    David Frederick

  6. I worked at Camp Council when it was a Jewish Girls’ Camp 1970-1974. I was (with Joyce) Fine Arts Director. We did some wonderful plays including “My Fair Lady” and “Peter Pan”. The outdoor stage is still there! It’s now used to stack wood behind someone’s very large suburban home. Hi to Bonnie, Lois, Sharon, Terri, Joyce, Elaine and all!

  7. Thanks everyone for commenting! David F: I remember all those things. Sigh — nostalgia. I wish I could remember names better. I remember Kim Garlic (sp?). And I remember there was this small Russian kid, Rooslan (sp??), who was quite the ladies’ man. Everybody in Lodge loved him.
    My mom also went to Camp Council as a kid. She went to Golden Slipper, too, which was a sister camp at one point, I think.
    For some reason I just remembered playing battle caps (a game played with bottle caps on the floor of the bunk). And catching crayfish.
    What I’d really like to know is what happened to all the bunk plaques. There were so many, going back decades. I wrote a letter to the Jewish Federation (who ran the camp when I was there), but they never responded.

  8. I went to camp council in 1977 and 1979. I remember Stacey Greenstein and Sandy Steele. I lived in South Philly and I think Sandy and Stacey lived somewhere in Northeast Philly. Sandy came to my 13th birthday party. If they or anyone remembers me sure would like to hear from you.

  9. It’s not Garlick anymore…
    Believe it or not, the campfire circle down the path by the hill is still there. I go out there every so often when I need peace and quite. The neighbors know that the land was owned by a camp so they don’t mind. When you go out there, its kind of weird, because even though nothing is there anymore, if you close your eyes, you can still see the kids running around, and you can hear the sounds and in the summer, even smell the Camp Council smells.
    I have not stayed in touch with anyone, except once in a while I see someone. I miss camp, and I would love to set up a reunion… any help???

  10. Some of my happiest memories were fr 1957-1976 Not only was I a camper but I was a waitress. It was all girls when I went (which I thought was better) So many memories any 1 remember betty friedman leslie van berg elaine goldstein bonnie uditsky & her sister lois? then came my children KIM & JUSTIN GARLICK. They spent many happy days there too e-mail me with Memories

  11. I saw nancy’s comment. I was there when it was
    all girls, appro. 70 – 75 as a camper, waitree, and Jr. Counselor. Nancy, I believed you sawed my dress (by hand!) for Camelot. I loved that
    camp and I love the memoires. I’s love to hear
    from other campers…the Shatz sisters, etc
    Helen Muterperl

  12. I attended Camp Council for 5 summers (1962-1966)when it was a Jewish girls camp. I have some very fond memories of 3 summers in the valley in bunks 4, 5 and 9 with leprechauns, fishing with our boots on with paper cups to catch the fish and swimming with our red, white or blue swim caps. I spent 2 summers on the hill in bunks B and E. I still keep in touch with some Camp Council friends–my best friend since age 8, Lynn Blackman, as well as, Marsha Laurie, Judy Gross and Ellen Kornfield. The last 3 and I just joined at our Olney High reunion for a wonderful evening. My cousins, Sheila and Janet Steinberg also attended camp with me. I would love to hear from anyone who attended Camp Council in the 60’s and would love to plan a reunion.

  13. my first year at CC was 1957 anybody go back that far….any 1 remember aunt louie

  14. I went to Camp Council from 63 to 72 when it was a camp for all Jewish girls from “underprivileged” homes. I was a camper, waitress, JC and camp secretary. This experience shaped my life in many wonderful ways. Spending time there was the best way to spend the summer. Before they tore the camp down I attended a reunion up there and saw my name carved into the rafters in “Lodge” that I did in 1967! I loved this place! Glad so many others are out there who also have great memories.

  15. I have been searching for information regarding Camp Council for years. I spent every summer there from 1973 to around 1979. I went when it was all girls with my sister Wendy and then it became Co-Ed and my brother Rob “Green Fly” Greenstein was a counselor there. My fondest childhood memories include this place. Mudslides down the hill were great even though those stupid chore wheels really stunk. Does anyone know the name of the new development or have directions to the old camp. I’d love to go see the land, even though it’s not the same.

  16. It’s a shame that Camp Council no longer exists. When we were up on the “hill”, and the camp was co-ed, we’d sneak out of our bunks to visit the boys in the “valley”. The real challenge was not getting caught. Do you remember singing songs during meals, shows put on by the counselors on stage in the “mess hall”, and who could forget TAPS by the flag-pole. The activities were endless: arts & crafts, canoeing, softball games, archery, nature hikes, synchronized swimming, removing a watermelon from the pool? What about singing songs by the campfire and making SMORES!! Another memory for me was when my father would come up to visit and bring my sister Stacey, brother Rob “Greenfly” and I bags of “candy & goodies.” I’ll always cherish the memories and fun filled summers I spent there. The experience was priceless.

  17. I went in the summer of 1982. I was 13 years old and it was the first time I realized that girls (from the hill) liked me. I had a great time and I have very fond memories no doubt!

  18. I can’t believe I stumbled upon this site. I was a camper at Camp Council for several summers in the early-mid 70’s when it was a Jewish girls camp. I was reminscing about CC with my kids and telling them about “bug juice” (which all the campers thought was so disgusting but seemed to be just all the leftover juice from the week mixed up!)..when I got the idea to Google CC..and here you are!

  19. Thirteen summers were spent at my summer “home”, and enough good memories to fill a book. We keep talking about a reunion we should just do it. Interested?

  20. Some of my fondest memories were from camp council in the early 70`s. I was in Bunk A my first year, then bunk C,D,F and lodge, then waitri. met alot of good friends there. Some I still am great friends with……..Marci Berman, Michelle Krull to name a few.
    I would love to hear from anyone who knew me from back then. And if anyone plans a reunion , count me in , please!!!


  22. I hope people are still finding this site. I attended camp from 77-86. These are by far and away the best memories of my life. I remember more than can be written in a few short paragraphs. Does anyone remember the Gluck? How about Kevin Peta, Derek Cohen, Tim Lynch, Jim Miles etc. The list is long and distinguished. We all should remember. I know most of us have grown up… but there is no way anybody should have forgotten. Camp will forever be apart of us. If anyone finds this e-mail me. I am dying to talk camp again.

  23. here’s some names of people i remember in no particular order. Kevin and Tara Peta. Derek, Jordan, and Lanny Cohen. Lisa Cohen. Tammy and Karen Dost. Kim and Nicky Hurvitz. Tim and Michele Lynch. Brian Oblon. Scott Cordonick. The Dorfmans. Jim Miles. Anyone remember Birdie or Murray. How about Bones. Rick Scofield(There’s a red ring around Rick)Barbara Dougherty(I will never forget you). The Buyers. The Silvers. Kimmie Leblanc. Sharon and marla. Wendy Friedman. Anyone Remember Mende or Rabbi? I could go on like this for a long time so…. I just thought I would throw some names out in case anyone else finds this.

  24. Dave, I still have sheets of note book paper (faded) of when we would have everyone exchange phone numbers & addresses at the end of the summer! I went 79-till it closed. I’ll type the names on the page in front of me (some I remember alot I don’t)-
    Michael Labor, Michelle Gussman, Denise Demko, Shari Spivack, Jim Miles, Anthony McClay, Jody Saville, Scott Saville, Lisa Alstein,Sharon Bryer, David Axilbund, Tracy Kessler, Sam Carasick, Nicky Hurvitz, Sean Green, Ricky Giquinto, Mikey Silver, Sharon Solomon, Tara Peta, Kevin Peta, Glenn Factor, Alyse Hedson, David Schneller, Richard Rudnick, Kimmie Leblang, Rick Christoph, Jason Bloom, Lisa Kovnof, Justine Foreman, David Weintraub, Dave Friedman, Vladimer, Kelly Geist, Kevin Hood, Lee Gordon, Louis Smith, Laurne Backle, Lynda Brown, Lisa Alstein, Mike Wholesworth, “Mitch”, Michelle Lynch,Timmy Lynch, Rich Johnstin, Rich Messerole, Ruslan, Scott Pearl, Scott Brezo, Scott Cardonik, Shawn Petit, Seth Young, Seth Mazer, “Stew”, Steve Dorfman, Stacy Lumer, Sheri Gordon, Terri O’Dell, Darie Flood, Adam Byer, Ilene Byer, Glenn Shockett, Scott Palmer, Jay Goldfinger, and you- David Glucker # was 331-80_ _ (won’t put full in case for some reason is still being used!)

  25. Just thinking quickly, some things I remember-
    Cutting of power to half the camp by turning off the power switch under the infirmary, Cantina, Bug juice, Kings and Queens and Princes too, songs during meals challenging to sound-off

  26. Don’t forget the sess pool, cannonball and jackknife contests in the pool, capture the flag, dances every saturday night, underwear on the flagpole, the library behind the arts and crafts room, carnival day, going frogging and crayfishing by the creek, tubing on French Creek, Jim Miles Driving the van through the woods, Softball game and Basketball game at Golden Slipper, The outdoor stage. And who could forget Lodge.

  27. Getting married at Carnival day, Flagpole- The Lord is good to me and so I thank the…, kicking the mattress of the bunk bed above, The ghost in Bunk 10, stealing the bell, short sheeting the beds…

  28. In case you haven’t read-
    Camp Council – Godsend to Deserving Children
    Article 51 – Published August 20, 1963
    Ever since this newspaper ran pictures of some of the doings at Camp Council, Rapp’s Dam Road, early this summer, we have been asked about the camp and what its activities are. Who operates the camp? How many children go there? In order that our readers may learn something about the place, we picked up an information sheet which will enlighten interested persons.
    In 1923, a group of teenagers, both boys and girls, from Philadelphia were in search of a worthwhile social service project and decided to start a summer camp. As a result, they embarked on a series of fund-raising projects.
    LEASED FOR DOLLAR – In 1925, some ground on the national Farm School property near Doylestown (now the Delaware Valley College) was leased to them for $1 per year. In both 1925 and 1926, they gave 80 boys a camping vacation, 20 per 10-day encampment.
    In 1927, another camp was dedicated near Phoenixville, the present Camp Council, for girls only and this site consisted of three sleeping bungalows, two small buildings and a mud swimming hole. The following year, 1928, the boys’ camp as abandoned because of inadequate water supply and the Council of Jewish Juniors concentrated their interest and efforts on the place near Phoenixville and took the motto, “Make some kid Happy.”
    FUND-RAISING EFFORTS – During the past 35 years, the original group of teenagers expanded and continued to hold fund-raising events during the winter months and assist in the maintenance an improvement of the camp site during the spring, summer and fall. The original site could accommodate 100 campers sleeping in 10 bungalows plus additional buildings, all donated. The stream was dammed and a large concrete pool constructed. At first, the children came for 10-day encampments, then for two weeks. A modern filtered pool was built in 1955. Today, with the addition of adjoining lane (a total of 30 acres), a section of seven sleeping bungalows was added and 150 campers can now be accommodated at each encampment, now lengthened to three weeks. All buildings are kept in good repair; many of the shrubs and trees were planted and cared for by board members and their friends.
    CAREFULLY SCREENED – The campers are girls form seven to 14 years of age. A small group of 15 and 16 year old “older campers” are given vacation sand serve as waitresses. The campers are professionally screened and selected by the Vacation Bureau of the Associates for Jewish Children and the Camp Council board cooperates with this group in setting selection and fee policy.
    Campers are chosen to come to Camp Council either because their parents lack the funds to provide a vacation or because of some other needs. Since financial ability is limited, a sliding fee scale is employed; however, the neediest cases are given top priority.
    Camp Council Inc. is a non profit organization, operated independently does not receive funds from any organized charity and depends entirely upon voluntary contributions to maintain the camp. Board members serve without compensation. There is no year-round executive director.
    COMPETENT STAFF – During the summer months, the camp is directed by a competent paid staff headed by a camp director and head counselor, registered nurse and dietitian, plus a staff of approximately 30 persons. A caretaker lives on the camp property. The organization is a member of the American Camping Association and maintains the highest standards of camping and water safety.
    Funds to maintain Camp Council are raised by an appeal to the community in May of each year, the Friends of Camp Council, Remembrance and Memorial Funds, Book of Life, Banquets, income from investments and material donations.
    This columnist has been attending the camp’s annual Open House Sunday, held during the early part of July, for the past 15 years and has always found them a real inspiration. More people from Phoenixville should attend these and see the children’s paradise which exists just a mile from the Phoenixville borough line.
    NOTE: This is one of the many articles written by John V Norris. This column appeared in the The Daily Republican on Aug. 20, 1963.

  29. I haven’t been back to this site in a while – but it is amazing. I talked to my contact at the J and they would love to host a reunion. No more a fitting place. I also have a contact at the exponent and I am internet saavy.
    Most of the people whose names are listed attended high schools in the NE. My mom, who also attended the camp, is already in contact with camp friends.
    If anyone is interested in doing this and lives locally, lets get together and plan this thing.
    Also, Jim Miles and Stormy are married, so I have heard, and Tara Peta is still around. I spoke with her last year. The Rabbi lives in FL but he isn’t a Rabbi (but a pretty religious guy nonetheless). And Glenn Factor is also around, building high performance cars last I heard. Does anyone remember Adam Johns?
    Kim Atias
    78 – END

  30. I talked Jim Miles last night. He’s not married to Stormy, & never was. We are definitely interested in a reunion. I’ve talked to Dave Glucker and Jon Orocofsky. We think if everyone who are still in contact with other people from camp talk to each other about a reunion, we could get this thing going real quick.
    Yes, I remember Adam Johns.

  31. Jim Miles, Kelly Geist, Lee Gordon, “Mitch”, Ruslan, “Stew”, Derek Cohen Tammy and Karen Dost
    These name I definitely remember! Jim Miles I believe was a councilor, we called “Jimbo”. Lee Gordon was in my bunk, I had a pic of of hanger from the rafters. I remember one year he left early because he broke or dislocated his shoulder doing that. If I remember Derek right, he dated Tammy Dost. I remember the twins Tammy and Karen very well. Im suprised though, my name was not listed. (1981-1985)

  32. I remember a few things about Camp Council, Rapps Dam, The covered bridge, the “witches house”, the hard courts,the cookouts, walking up the girls hill to get to the soccer field…and I remember a few of the people…Jake,Dave Glucker,Lee Gordon,Lisa Cohen, Kim Garlick and her brother Justin, David Frederick, Rich Johstin, Jon O and his sister Meesh (SIC)??,Timmy Lynch and his sister Michelle, Denise Demko and her brother and sister,Kevin Peta, Derek Cohen, and his two brothers, Lanny and Jordan, I was a counselor from 1980 thru ’84. (No-me and Stormy did not get married) I ran into Lee Gordon two years ago and we have kept in touch, we have both told our kids about the camp and have brought them up there to show them around (a little depressing-not much to recongnize of camp), Me and Dave Glucker use to keep in touch and just recently have reconnected, (he showed me this website) I think I remember almost every kid that was there the five summers I spent there…it was a great group of people!!!!! I see Tara Peta every once in a while, she was trying to get a reunion together…..I take my daughter(Kirsten 13) camping up at French Creek State Park and I always stop and show her the old camp site,the covered bridge, etc…she wishes it was still open…she wants to go….Hope all the Camp Council Alumni are doing well…and turn the lights out…it’s 10:00!!!!!!!!

  33. It has been over eighteen years since I last sung Cats and the Cradle surrounded by people who I would consider more my family than my friends. Camp Council was more than just a place to spend my summers, it was my haven. I started there third encampent,1980. I went for two encampents in 81′ and from 82 to 86 I went to all three encampents. The memories I have of that place will never be forgotten. Jim and I even went up there one time and I had to stop off at the pizza place and post a note in the men’s room. I look in that room everytime hoping I will see another one. Before this gets long, or rather too long most of the names above I remember very well. The person I would love to see most would be Martin Gross. If anyone has info on him, please post. Camp Council forever……
    Lee Gordon
    PS. Does anyone still have there (C)amp (C)ouncil shirts that were signed relgiously every year?
    PPS. Kim “Garlick” I remember you well, How is Peach Fuzz? David Glucker, you were a legend in my eyes, along with the rest of your crew. Jim Miles was the counsilor that everyone wanted to have, and I can go on and on……

  34. You are all much better with names than I am. Was Jim the counselor who killed the trout (was it a trout?) with his crossbow?

  35. Everybody out there knows one or more people from C.C. so lets start getting everybody in contact with this site. There are e-mail addresses attached to some of the postings. Hopefully we can get all interested parties involved in a reunion!

  36. David Fredrick do you remember me? I remember lots of different people or faces, and I remember tons of stuff from camp but I can’t place your name or face. Were we there at the same time? By the way thanks for this site!

  37. Remember:
    The bell, The hard courts, The Soft Courts, Cassette(spelling?), Lodge, Color Wars, Indian Wars, Trying to piss off O.D.,Townies, Bill, Counselor Hunts, Capture the flag, Camp Plays, The library, Inter-camp baseball games.
    Those are only a few of the things I can remember in five seconds or less. I still have two plaques from the place but I cannot remember where the hell they disappeared to.
    Other people I remember are Stuart Stevens, Jeffrey Glass, Brian Obloan, Kevin Peta(and Tara), Scott Pearl, David Axelbund along with his brother Jason. I fear if I continue writing names I will do a gross misjustice to all those I did not name. I will have to add names each time I post.
    To David Glucker, I am well. Thank you. How have you been, and when can we meet up again? I will talk with Jim and see when is good for him. We can leave it as an open invitation for anyone to show up. It might not be official, but that can happen later.
    Lee Gordon
    PS. To David Frederick, I never broke any bones at Camp. Those demonic rafters you speak of made me decide to swing from one to the other. Missing my oppurtunity of grasping the one I was reaching for, I split my knee open. I stayed, even after I was given the option to leave for the air conditioned comforts of home. I believe I do remember you, however, only vaguely.

  38. This is great! We really have to pick a date to get everyone together that wants to work on a reunion so we can lay some groundwork on this puppy.
    Go Birds!!!!!!!

  39. To Lee Gordon (please email me, very much want talk to you again). I remember you very well, somewhere lost in pictures at my parents house is a pic of you hanging from rafters.
    Yeah your right, you hurt your knee. I remember you were in alot of pain and could not move it, so someone claimed it might be broken. Thats all I remember. You were one of the ones, I was close to among others.
    Remember the russian kid Rooslan? The girls went nuts on talent night when he sang Barry Manilow’s Copacabana.
    So I have Jim’s email and very much want your’s too. Hopefully we could work out a reunion, possibly by next summer. Maybe somewhere close to where the camp was.

  40. I remember when you hurt your knee, Lee. I also remember going to your Bar Mitzvah.
    How have you been?

  41. By the way Jim, stuff like you and Stormy “being married” are a reason to have a reunion. I got that from another CC alum. 🙂

  42. Re: Reunion
    Does everyone still live in the Philadelphia area? Let’s all look at our calendars; maybe first week in November. Are eves better, or weekends. Sundays are best for me, but I can do some eves (not Fri or Sat unless after sundown Sat)

  43. A reunion is a great idea. We should probably get organized before we start talking about dates and times. Let’s coordinate with each other… You know? We need to get as many people involved as possible. I know I can get in touch with several people. Who else can everybody contact? I talk to Rich Johnstin, Jim Miles, Kevin Peta, Derek Cohen and each of those people can contact several others. For example… Rich still talks to Jon O. Derek still talks to Brian Oblon and Scott Cardonick. Kevin can get in touch with Timmy Lynch etc. Those people obviously can get in touch with their respective family members that went to camp and so on. We can get this ball rolling… so let’s do it!

  44. As much as I would love to be apart of the reunion, this November is way too soon. Plus, I’m in Northeast Pennsylvania. Over 3 hours from Phila. Its starting to get cold out and have a 22 month old son that has a handicapp (therapy 2 days a week). If we could plan this for spring, I think timing would be better. And give us all time to work on gathering/contacting other CC alumni.
    I have a big question, why is THIS message board frequently used rather than my camp council website, group site with message board and chat room?

  45. I wasn’t suggesting a reunion in November, I was suggesting that a group of us get together and start planning the reunion for 2005. It takes anywhere from 8 months to a year to get a reunion properly planned. I suggested november to get the ball rolling. I have planned events in the past and have a number of contacts in the Jewish community in Philadelphia. Please let me know if anybody would like to get together to start planning. We will need a lot of hands and a good communication base. Look forward to a Camp Council reunion!!!

  46. I am up for any reunion at anytime. I Have my son’s birthday party on the 7th of November so that day is our but he has been up to the camp grounds with Jim Miles and I. I am sure he would love to meet people from my past. The stories and memories that I still hold dear are dying to explode outward and propel to the ears of those that can remember and visualize the place I hold dear. I can be reached on Yahoo using Tnerb1107. I would love to help with getting everything and everybody together. Kim, I still have the comic book you gave me all those years ago, and a certain memory that I actually cherish. I am looking forward to getting together.
    Other things to remember:
    the camp checklists one week before camp, nature lodge, archery, the tennis courts, bras on flagpoles, sneaking out at night.
    I look forward to seeing any and all all over again.
    Lee Gordon.

  47. glad to know I am not the only one living in the past..tell my daughters frequently about SGF and Camp Council and I feel sad that they probably will never have the same warm experiences that we all had…Murray Kramer was my first counselor he was an awesome story teller…I tell my kids the story of the Monkeys Paw thanks to him…where are you Birdie ?…I’m sure I can take you one on one now ! Lanny

  48. still brilliant after all these years Gluck….I think we should all meet at a bar….Derek signed your name in my garage in toothpaste…remember when we finally kicked Golden Slippers’ ass in softball…remember when we borrowed their silverware from their messhall….camp reminds me of that perfect little town in the movie Big Fish..I remember you Jim Miles

  49. Lanny, I remember you. You were my first counselor(The Bunk One All Stars). I travelled out past Valley Forge to meet you only to realize you lived on my street. I hope you are well.
    Lee Gordon

  50. Lee, have you been back to Sylvia Lane lately? Went there a few weeks ago and man is it can spit from one end to the’s amazing how one end of the block rarely came in contact with the other…also went out to visit the old campsite in the early 90’s..the sight of the new housing development made me sick…at least we have the memories…take care

  51. Good reading, Plenty of memories come back after reading the different posts. A couple of people not mentioned worth a mention are Grizzley, Walter Perlovich, Spiegle and cmon how do you all forget Greta. I do keep in touch with a few people. I know that Derek Cohen was dating Scott Cardonick for a few years. Not sure if they are still a couple but they seemed very happy together. Last I heard from Derek was that they had just bought a house and trying to addopt. Let me know if theres a get together.

  52. Follow up to Oblon’s comments in case anybody out there is curious…my brother Derek and Scott are very happy together…they recently took a trip to Calif. where they exchanged their vows thanks to the new “significant other” law…
    Additionally, Uncle Lanny is also happy to report that they were successful in adopting triplets from Romania and are happily raising them together at the Jersey shore…

  53. So it starts. Lanny and Oblon posted… Who’s next. Like I said, You tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on. We can make this happen people,just keep spreading the word. Can anybody else feel the buzz. It starts like an itch and grows into something more like a burning… wait that could be something personal, but I think you all get my drift. You can’t ignore the emotions that camp instilled in all of us. The memories, the friendships all the good things we wish we could live with nowadays.

  54. i’m assuming that most of us have families now and with the holidays comming most of us will be busy…let’s wait until the spring and meet at Philadelphia Park on a Saturday or a Sunday…children too that would really make it a good time…there’s rides for the kids, picnic grounds,beer ,food and the most beautiful animals on earth..thoroughbred horses…i would have to travel from the Atlantic City area but you are all worth it….i guess the wives and girlfriends can come too….What do you think?

  55. well considering that some of us are wives…
    We are hoping to plan a kick-ass reunion in the springtime. We need a core group to put this party together and we should meet in November and start planning this puppy. But doing that over a couple of beers could be fun.
    What does November 14th look like for all those interested in helping out? Its a Sunday. Are we almost in the Philly area.

  56. i live in cali now and can vouch for the cohen/cardonick
    marriage – they spent they’re honeymoon at my place on the was a tight squeeze.hey Gluck you dont remember me???? thanks for the love oblon. how many kids you got now lanny? wheres kevin peta? who else can i ask a question too??

  57. spiegel…. My man. I don’t have to remind you of our special bond. I didn’t forget you bro. How’s Hollywood! Send me an e-mail. I’ll update you on what’s been going on.

  58. only kidding Kim about the wives comment….who are you anyway ? Hey gluck …that track thing was Jordan not me…never lived in Longport. Still two kids Spieg…and standing pat with that hand. Dance card is full until after New Years…keep me posted.

  59. I attended camp for a long time. I am the same age as Lee Gordon. I started out in bunk B.
    I know you were only kidding about the wives comment! I thought it was funny, but I figured that I’d take the potshot atcha anyway 🙂
    I was friends with Lee and Glenn Factor and Mike and Kimmie Noble. I went through Lodge in its final year.
    Hopefully we will see you at a committee meeting or at the reunion or maybe just for a beer.
    Take care!

  60. Mike Noble was in my fraternity in college. We were actually in the same pledge class. I might be able to get in touch with him also.

  61. Kim..I was Lee Gordons first counselor…I knew your name sounded familiar… sound like an organizer so when and where are these committee meetings

  62. We need to decide if November 14th is ok for everyone, how many people it will be and where we want to meet collectively.
    Any suggestions?

  63. only speaking for myself here….sundays during football season are religous holidays…so the 14th is out for me….LANDOG

  64. WOW. I remember Rooslan. They used to hang him by his underwear on a nail. I have tons of camp pic’s that I will post. Do you remember when Jake threw that golf club and hit the girl in the face?

  65. 1st, Hello CC people. 2nd, Derek and I are not dating, Im dating the ghost of bunk 10!!
    Good to see a few of us are around and looking for each other. CC was the greatest, sucks that it closed or I’d probably still be going each year. Tammy Dost was the first booby I ever got, it was on cassette floor during Herbie the Luv Bug

  66. November 14th is good for me as long as it is after 6PM. I am working that day but will still be able to make an evening rendezvous. Even though it would not be an official meeting, getting together a small group would still be great. Glucker, Jim Miles and I recently hung out and it was good to see Glucker again. Kim I would love to see how you are doing as well as pictures of the kids would be appreciated if you could bring them along. Now we just have to figure out where our first unofficial meeting will be.
    Lee Gordon
    PS. May I suggest Chickie and Pete’s on the Blvd.

  67. yo scott….great for remembering the name of the building {Cassette) …I got other stuff on that floor a few years earlier

  68. speigs….you were a great little shortstop and an interesting card player….did you really date gwen stefani…i’m is my wife

  69. derek sent me this link a few days ago. It’s great to see how everyone has the same fond memories of council. For those of you who don’t remember me, I went to SGF and Council from the time I was 8 to 15, roughly ’74 to ’81, by far the best times of my childhood, with the possible exception of the Flyers winning the Stanley Cups.
    I would love to see a reunion. The problem for me is that I now live in Tucson, but it is possible I could return in spring of ’05 if the timing is right.
    Reading these messages has brought back many faded memories. The mess hall where i posted several bunk plaques – i would love to see some of those if they still exist. Capture the flag, which we took home with us and played on sylvia Lane in the off season. Traveling hockey games ( mostly at SGF) where we dominated. Who remembers “Candy Drops”? Signing the bunks every year with toothpaste. Movie night where I saw some of the most frightening movies of my young life. Talent night, especially when Oblon sat on my lap as a puppet. Sneaking up to the Hill. Hikes to the mall. JAKE. The haunted Schemanick house. Stack the plates!!! Crayfish. Canooing. Ceramics. Birdie. John Flannigan. Bottle caps with specially wax-weighted caps. Packages of goodies from home. The list coninues.
    Did Gluck go to Council?
    Poor Tammy Dost!

  70. It seems that Sylvia Lane was just as important as Camp Council. Jordan, I was a bit young to remember you but you might remember my sister Jennifer Gordon. Not only are we Camp Council Alumni we also grew up on the twisted street of Sylvia Lane. How many people have decided to go up to the old camp grounds and try to picture the old place compared to the new. Jim and I had trouble trying to figure out the bunk line.
    A sweet nostalgia grips me and takes me slightly away from the present as I read and reread each post. A smile crosses my face, tears ready to streak my cheeks at the loss we have all suffered. The last nights of siniging and not wishing to go home. A feeling we can never recapture or recreate. How can we play basketball again and not worry about retrieving it from a twelve foot drop into the small brook that ran besides the hard courts. How can we pick berries and pop them in our mouths as we picked them forgoing any washing procedure. Seven summers was a long time for me when the camp closed, I was 14 then, now I am 32 and seven summers seems like such a short time. Look at me, early in the morning and no coffee writing on and on. How many people remember Bill and his son Timmy. I think his daughters name was Katie and the dog was named Pong. I would love for them to be at the reunion as well. The only two kids able to spend time on the camp grounds year long.
    Lee Gordon.
    PS. An actual reunion would be great up at the camp grounds themselves. If we are a large group we might even need to get permits. Kim would you know if such a thing is true?

  71. OK Campers I did a little (very little) research for this reunion. In order to do anything at the camp we will need permission from the homeowners and a permit. There is group cabin camping available at French Creek State Park. The waterslides still exist and has grown a little. They have corporate rentals for groups as well. Do we want to make it a reunion weekend, and have one day at the camp? Do we just make it a day? What a activities do we offer? ETC ETC…
    Please come to our first meeting November 14th, 7:00pm. Place to be determined.
    Lee – isn’t Chickies too loud to get anything accomplished?
    We could meet at my work – it is a school.

  72. Jordie my brother from another mother… Did you go to camp? I think I saw you there once but it’s hard to say. When are we going to see you on court TV counselor? How have things been since you left? Do you still keep in touch with Spiegel? I miss hanging out on Sylvia Ln. That was almost as fun as camp. At any rate… it is good to hear from you, and it would to be awesome to see all three Cohen brothers together again.

  73. Kim,
    True Chickie’s might be loud but I was thinking about food and drink. How about Jillian’s? They offer both food and drink as well as a friendly atmosphere. I think the first gathering should be more about getting together again than an actual meeting to begin the process of a full blown reunion. As for getting together such a reunion if you are willing to take the reigns I will help you with getting it all together. Are there any other volunteer’s willing to help? I like the weekend idea. Any other suggestions Councilites?
    Lee Gordon

  74. If your talking about having a reunion weekend, it would be better to do it during the summer, when the kids have off from school.

  75. I agree but not too late in the summer as kids do go away to summer camp. These are all things that need to be hashed out. So ok – let’s set this:
    Sunday, November 14th 7:00pm Chickie and Petes!
    Any questions, please email me at
    Come one come all!

  76. The 14th is perfect cause the Eagles play on Monday night the 15th against the Hated Dallas Cowboys. No worries. See that Gluck, now you can go. GO BIRDS!!

  77. hey just posting for the first time, whaat’s up campers. just want to say hello every body. what about walter perlavich. i was just talking to jay scmanick. paul cohen isn’t that your real name. i live 5 mins from camp my son nicholas and i went fishing below the hardcourts on sunday we caught a few well spegs wuzup spegil. yo weres the loge girls

  78. Yo Peta
    how’s it going
    how old is your boy? I would love to see a recent pic of the family
    just a thought for those of you planning the reunion (which i probably won’t make anyway), but i bet you will get a better turnout if you keep it simple at a philly bar
    Lee,i think i have a very vague memory of you from sylvia lane
    funny how the shape of the street made it seem like two different blocks, as small as it was (is)
    little known fact:
    Oblon got drunk for the first time at council when he was twelve. I was a CIT and he came out of the bunk late one night while me and others were drinking on the bench on OD. He downed alarge cup of beer, giggled uncontrollably for a while, and then hurled it back up

  79. Mende….Mende Davidson? How the hell you doing? We need a new pitcher… can you still toss the grapefruit? What bunk are you in now? I didn’t get my Phillies report at the flagpole today!

  80. Hey everyone
    I am glad that the ball is starting to roll for
    a reunion. If i can be of any help let me know.
    I also have some pictures of camp.

  81. Tara Peta It is great to see you well. You are a distunguised part of my memory when I split my knee open. Ahh the scars of camp. Kim, I will help with what I can for the process of getting an actual reunion together in the summer of ’05. We can throw some ideas around on the 14th. I for one shall be there, and I just got off the phone with Jim, he will be there as well. If anyone has any ideas and can not make it to Chickie and Pete’s on the 14th pass them around here.
    Lee Gordon

  82. If anybody wants me to post pictures of camp, just email them to me at: deisner -at- gmail dot com, and I’ll add them here.

  83. Why don’t we have the reunion planning here in South Florida? I hear the weather is splendid this time of year. We can go to Sloppy Joe’s and have a Rum Runner on the beach. I know a place with very comfortable bunk beds with striped mattresses. Just like old times!

  84. Alright, late night can’t sleep. My sister told me about this site the other night and it brought back a lot of memories. Glucker (my brother away from home), Kevin Peta, and Lynch were all my heroes as I was still a young sprout. You guys use to pick me up after camp with my sister and Tara Peta and let me tag along to Great Adventure after camp was over. My sister, Samantha Carasick (now Osmundsen) had some pictures that ended up at my house that I could share. One of Brian Oblon dressed up as a girl stands out in my memory. Hope you are all doing well.
    Justin Carasick

  85. Justin, holy crap, did you know everyone thought Samatha was dead that she commited suicide? You made a lot of us real happy to know shes alive.

  86. Yeah, I heard about that rumor. I think Tara Peta got in touch with her and told my sister. We were both shocked to here. I think another one of here friends mother from Philly saw her in Jersey and started crying when she saw her because of that rumor. We both moved to New Jersey and I guess we lost touch. Anyway she’s alive and healthy. She’s still in Jersey and I’m in Gainesville, Fl. now.

  87. Hey Justin how are you. It’s good to see that Sam told you about the web site. I knew when I heard that rumor about your sister I didn’t believe it. I am glad after all these years I found her. Just got back from Florida last week. How’s your mom?

  88. I thought I was reading wrong, has to be 10 years ago When that Sam story was floating around. Awesome to here it was BS. Say hello to her for us Justin

  89. Yo Capt. Chef Boyardee… I talked to Justin last night. He is doing well and is married. My little boy grew up into a hulk of a guy. He’s 6’2″ and 240lbs. He doesn’t really remember that you guys used to live on the same street… you know around Traci Lords video time. At any rate… it was incredible to talk to him. Hope to hear from you soon. Your sister still hasn’t e-mailed me. Whaaasup with that! My teeth are bleeding so I gotta go! Mack Daddy.

  90. The Lord is good to me and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need the sun and the rain and the apple seed the Lord is good to me.

  91. 6’1′ and I’m what I like to call ‘husky’. Just sprained my ankle playing basketball at lunch so you can probably add 10 lbs to that number.


  93. Notice: I’m going to try to upgrade Movable Type (the software that runs the blog) tonight, so this might be down for a little bit.

  94. Here is another blast from the past…does anyone remember Spaz (Sklar) ?
    Hey Tara, its Kim. I’m sorry we lost touch last time, but I moved back to Philly. I was in S FL for a while.


  96. Hey Tara —
    Yeah I’ll be there…I coordinated it with Lee. We are going to start planning that reunion you and I talked about last year…hope you can help out.

  97. Hey guys! It’s Sam Carasick…alive and well! I am now Sam Osmundsen. I am married, have a 4 year old little boy and I live and teach 2nd grade in Cape May County, New Jersey. Gotta love those rumors. I guess they got started when I moved to New Jersey so quickly. Tara had gotten in touch with me over a year and a half ago and we’ve been in contact ever since. I am so glad she found this site. It’s been a great walk down memory lane! I remember all of you guys and I am definitely looking forwrd to a reunion! Gluck..weren’t you in South Jersey at some point?

  98. Hey Sam….Never in South Jersey. My folks had a boat in Ocean City and later in Longport. I haven’t lived in Willingboro since 1977. Oddly enough, the first year I went to camp. It’s good to hear from you and know everything is well. I don’t know if you have talked to Justin lately, but I just got a hold of him down in Fl. We talked for awhile.. it was awesome. I hope to see you and everybody else real soon.

  99. That’s funny. I grew up in Willingboro (Millbrook Park from ’72 – ’76, Twin Hills from ’78 – ’85).

  100. How many people plan on being at Chickie and Pete’s on the 14th. There is a possibility we might have to make a reservation.


  102. Yes, I do and a brother Eric who went to camp also. The last time I saw you, Tara, You were working at Gearo’s Pizza with my friend Dave Rubin.

  103. I graduated from UF in 2000 but found a good job here and decided to hang around. Nice laid back town, my kind of place.

  104. That’s where I went! Hope they hire Spurrier back! Justin did I ever tell you that you were my favorite camper? By the way- can I stay at your place next home game?

  105. University of Florida can’t hold the water of the Florida State Seminoles. You guys picked the wrong school.

  106. Can I be sick now. Seminoles? You must be kidding. If not I’m sorry. Just kiddin’ I’m a good sport. Can’t stand Rix though. As for Spurrier, I wonder if his pride will hold him back. Good coach but I was never a real big fan of Spurrier. I liked the moments of him kneeling on the sidelines in the NFL holding his head. Did you see the press conference when the ‘Zooker’ almost cried. You gotta feel bad for him. It would be nice if we could keep him as a recruiter.

  107. Does everyone remember that feeling before camp? The wait, the long aggonizing wait. Hey will we get letters in the mail telling us what to bring?

  108. I’ll tell you what i remember. when one encampment was over we ( me Kevin ,Samantha, Justin) would meet with our Mom’s they would do all our wash, go get something to eat then get ready to go back to the bus to get back to camp for the next encampment. I remember the end of Third encampment and know how sad i felt that i would have to wait another year to go back and see all the friends i met

  109. Sorry man. I’m just compansating for my own life. My wife left me, I work as a janitor at the Wawa but tell everyone I’m a high powered broker. Also if it wasn’t for Rosie and her 5 sisters, no woman would even talk to me. Hope everything can be cool again?

  110. these people obviously don’t remember you! Only Brian Oblon has that kind of humor. I remember it well.

  111. The best part of the reunion will be to see who is the baldest and who is the fatest. Sam & Tara were hotties. Wonder what they’ll look like now-

  112. Reservations were made for 7:30 for 15. They will not seat the party until everyone arrives. Try to be there at 7:15. The reservation is under Camp Council Kids – Have fun!

  113. Been awhile since i checked out this site, someone obviously is posting and yapping and fronting to be me. Thats funny stuff

  114. HEY,

  115. Hey CC people, esp. Gluck, Lanny and Kevin Peta:This is Debi Lynch, sister of Michele and Timmy. I went to camp with Lanny , infact we were in the West Side Story together. Heather Hurvitz, Kim & Nickys sister, is still one of my closet friends. We are both in for the reunion. I remember some names but will be in my attic looking for pictures and names. I remember Robin Brody, Dawn Rauer, Rochelle Goldberg, John Hunn?, he called me “Irish Eyes”. I will look and see what names I can come up with. Michele is trying to come on the 14th and will update me. And I too remember almost all the camp songs, and teach them to my 4 children….

  116. And one more note… My mother went to CC in ’57, so I am going to make her come to the reuions, too!!! That should be a blast….

  117. Hi Everyone from CC-Michele L and my sister Heather just called me last night to tell me about this website. I miss all of you. Camp Council formed me into the person I am now. So many great memories. Hi Brian O, Kevin P., Derek and Lanny, Gluck, Tara, Scott C, Rich J., and Jim Miles. It has been so long. I know for a fact that Scott is not with Derek, the last time I saw him was a torresdale hosp. with his wife, delivering their child. congrats! My sister and Michele really want me to go to Chickies tonight, however, I don’t think I will be able to go. I do want to help with planning a reunion, please call me or e-mail me, so that we can attempt to notify everyone that attended camp. My # is 215-379-6159 or reach me at 215-725-kids. There are too many memories to type on this website and too many emotions. Camp Council was my childhood, and still remains with me in my adulthood. Sometimes I sing CC songs to my son Cole. I did go back to Camp Coucil with Michele and Terri years ago when development first began on the property. Everything was gone, however, the green pool remained ( no red rings). It was very depressing. I wonder what happened to all of the plaques that hung in cassett( it was called cassett right?) I’m sure that the dreadful hill remains ( remember Michele) whining everytime we had to climb the hill. We passed the infamous pheonixville Mall on the way there, ( the forbidden place) it looked so small and insignificant. No bunks, no toothpaste to attract the roaches. The cornfields were still there ( important for smoking anything that we could get our hands on. Even though all was gone, the memories will always remain of all of you. The memories can never be torn down. Let’s plan a huge reunion!

  118. Debbie- you live in Broomall? That’s where I grew up! Small world~ We moved out when they put the Blue Route in and it went nearly a mile away from our backyard.

  119. hey sorry i missed out last nite but im glad u all got to gether if there’s anything you need from me let me know i don’t know were your going to have it but if you want to do it by camp let me know cause i live in phoenixville and would be glad to look into anything that would be needed call 484 390 4844 thank the loser kp-

  120. Yes Jon, I live in Broomall. Where did you move to? In high school we moved to Drexel Hill, then I got married and moved to Broomall.

  121. hi deb, I talked to michele last night, hopefully she is going to come to Philly on Sunday for Cole’s Birthday. I heard your boss is making you work Christmas day. That’s the reason I had to get out of the hospital. Can’t you find someone to switch with you? – Nicky

  122. Hi Nicky, No one will switch.
    Oh well, no big deal. I just found pictures and letters from camp. I will down load the pictures and put them on Dave F’s web site (or the yahoo one that was linked to it.) I dont have many, but I have ones with our CC tees on. What a hoot!!! I will tell everyone when they are on the site…..

  123. Hey, Last night was really cool at chickies. This is awesome. I have so many memories zooming aroumd in my head right now. I am gonna try to contact sharon and marla, i still talk to steph joseph. this thing is rolling and with some luck will happen around june 05. i live in delco (media) and NO i am not in jail (at least not now).looking forward to hangin out with old friends and having some fun.

  124. Attention Camp Council… (I had to say it)
    We got together last night to start planning a reunion. I don’t think we got a whole lot accomplished, I think we did more laughing and reminiscing then anything else. In case anyone is wondering who showed up last night, it was, Tara Peta, Mende, Lee Gordan, Jimbo Miles, Kim Garlick, David Glucker, my brother Timmy, and Rich Johnstin. We are thinking that we should have the reunion late June, most likely at a hotel because some of us plan on not driving home that night. We are looking into putting up website for CC reunion stuff, or just utilizing this site and maybe Dave’s? We also talked about running some ads in the local newspapers. That’s pretty much all we covered. Kim was elected by our small group to head the reunion planning. We will keep everyone up to date as we make plans and get things confirmed. If anyone is interested in helping or if you have any ideas that you want to share let us know. Also, now’s the time to start trying to get in touch with anyone you know from CC to try and spread the word about the reunion. I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone and singing camp songs because I’m a big dork!

  125. Here are some names, if you know them or how to get hold of them then DO IT!
    rick sollaway, rick scofield, ed zuckerman,bill “boom boom” cannon, jilly-bean & ricky friedman, jacky,jeff & adam byer, adam buchsbaum, sean o’neil, greta, natasha k, joel, elliot & vallerie silver, karen heater, darryl, tony “bones” rose, jenny martin, tracy & jamie Kessler, jeff & holly barnett, jon& steve hunn, the sklars, umberto fucaro (bunk 7), ronda winacer(sp), becky soloman, marco “dego” ricca, mike, ross & sue felice, kenny hunt,stewart “skunk” swartz, mike rosenbaum(taught me how to roll joints), yussy armond, ……blah blah f’in blah….
    i could go on and on. funny thing i’ve noticed it’s been a family affair. so many brothers and sisters together making up our CC family. Get to work! we need to get the word out. WORD!

  126. Happy Birthday Timmy. How are you? Sorry I missed you guys last night. Michele said she had fun. I hope everything is going well with you!!

  127. Debbie- I moved to South Florida. I used to live off of Lawrence Road and Sussex Blvd in Broomall for about 16 years. Little chilly right now with the cold front coming through here. I think we’re going to dip in the 70’s.

  128. dont let silly numbers get in the way of arrested development i m 29 damit’ thats my story and i’m stickin to it!
    ps hi sweety i miss you

  129. there is still money coming in from the sale of the camp so i think “WE” should have some help with reuniting the “famiy”
    camp council inc.
    po box 7134
    elkins park pa 19027

  130. it’s been a few weeks since i checked this site
    very cool to see that it’s so active
    wish i could have been there at chickies
    if you are looking for steve hunn – he married stacie shanker and derek can help get in touch with them through brett and sharon levinson.
    hey, timmy lynch, how ya doin? you must be 34, right?
    i don’t know if i can make it to a reunion, but the week of july 4 would make it more likely
    lights out

  131. Hi, everyone just heard about this site. I cannot believe all the activity it makes you feel like you are about 14 again. It has been several years but I had met up with Marla Bauman. Than we lost touch again. I am interested in helping out in any way that I can. Camp was fun, we did some crazy things. Skinny dipping in the pool at night and sneaking out of the bunks. It was the best place to be a kid. I dont think that our parents realized what an impact, camp would have on all of us. Hey does anyone remember those warm chocolate chip cookies, they were the best…
    Contact me 215-364-6520

  132. I just contacted the jewish federation today. I made an appt. to meet with Don Davis on Tuesday, November 22nd at the Phila. Jewish Archives. They do have pictures and an original charter of Camp Council. Don does not know if there are any objects within the building from CC, I will find out next Tuesday. He may have a few lists of enrolled campers. I’ll let you know when I obtain the objects. No plaques. Can’t find them. I would love to locate the plaques. I think they were thrown out. disgraceful.

  133. I would also like to suggest, if everyone is truly interested in having a reunion, several ads should be printed in several different papers in and around the Philadelphia area. HI Kim! Finally decided to look at the site? Where is Heather? I know she is reading all of this stuff.

  134. I work for a newspaper and have connections to The Northeast Times, The Trends in South Jersey, Bucks, & Montgomery County, & The Star Journal in Port Richmond. Just give me the info you want in an Ad and i’ll see what I can do. I might even be able to get a small classified ad into the Inquirer (maybe). I definitely can get it into the South Jersey Trend Newspaper.
    Anyway, Hey, Nicky, what’s up? I haven’t seen you since we used to wander the streets of Northeast Philly around Frontinac St.

  135. I think jimbo & lee got some photos at chickies sun. night. jimbo had a list of campers/bunks from 1982, i will try to post it on the yahoo site. yo jordy, how you doin? great to hear from you. hope you guys get hold of the Hunns. my sister debi has some photos from 77-78,steve & jon hunn,mike felice,gluck,kimmie leblang & alot of people i recognize but not sure of names. i think one is lanny & maybe walt tanner(weird). last night my mom dug me out an old CC shirt with “save timmy” on the back. haha some funny shit! hi kim, cant wait to hang out with you guys.
    tsssssssssssssstttttttttt BOOM HOT STUFF OSCAR!!! (SGF)

  136. If anybody wants me to post anything on this site, I can do that, too. Email me at deisner at gmail dot com.

  137. On the web site that is Dave F. (the third posting here) I have put on one picture under pictures and one under file… I am having a hard time trying to post them. I think the one picture is Lanny Cohen and the other is the Hunn brothers…

  138. I started contacting other alum. We are set up with
    I got in touch with Terri Odell, Jodi Saville, Dari Flood, Melanie Squadroni, Glenn Factor
    I emailed about 50 others. A lot of legwork…
    I will call the Sheraton Valley Forge and look into other sites in the upcoming days.

  139. I’m tring to do my part…. I got a hold of Ross Felice and I’m expecting a call from Mike when his secretary gives him my message.

  140. Hi all. Jim Miles told me about the site. I don’t know if anyone remembers me-Suzzy Bryer. I went to camp from 77-86-I missed the last year due to summer school. I am ready for a reunion. I am in Miami, but I am planning to come to Philly sometime during the summer.

  141. Kim, how do I find the info on I have to renew my goldmembership. I want to post something on Northeast High School & Washington High. Maybe even Fels Jr High. How did you list Camp Council?

  142. I have contacted Mitch Sklar’s family and also left a message for Paul Sklar who is currently residing in Texas. I hope to hear back from them soon!

  143. Hey Tim last time that I really talked to you was at your prom many lifes…r u still playin freebird?

  144. I know “Rabbi” is in south Florida and Adam Bucksbaum is in Texas. I saw the post about Adam Johns…I remember him too. His friend Jason Fagan told me that he died-commited suicide. That was many many years ago.

  145. I can try to contact him tomorrow. I can only reach him at work. I don’t think he has email right now, but I’m not sure.

  146. I did a search and found an Adam Buchsbaum in NJ, is that him? tell him Timmy is looking for him. We are cousins.

  147. Will do. No that’s the wrong one. He lives in Texas. I think he may still talk to Ruslan too.

  148. OMG! DOES NO ONE REMEMBER ME???? well that sucks. I remember so many of you. Well TARA, we went to school together, how dare you not mention me! lol, just kidding! reading this is … well… man really what I needed right now.
    This is totally cool. I remember so much, I miss camp and so wish it was here for my daughter to go to. I had my first kiss in the back of one of the dances… won’t say who though! I remember Ricky Gaquinto telling everyone I kissed his tongue, Stephen getting his ear peirced and ending up in the nurses office, I remember lieing to lodge girls that Jessie and I were CIT’s and them beleiving us! I remember French Creek, going to the mall, going to the water slid, the rides in van screaming “F- U” to people driving by.
    I also remember the last year, and how it wasn’t the same because Slipper had already taken over with their horrid rules. I went to Slipper then next year, forced by my mom, and hated it. I remember not even being able to sit next to the boys at a movie! And how the councelers (who made us call them aunt) would say bad things about CC… grrrrrrr!
    I remember scott pearl, dave shneller (gave you too many hickies), Jamie kessler, Jessica ???, Brooke, Sherry?, Kevin (who I always thought was hot.. he he),
    shaving my legs with Tara for the first time!
    I heard the rumor about Sam too, very happy it’s not true, but I heard she had an overdose or some sort! so weird!
    Ok, I guess I could finish writing now… email me people

  149. TIM; don’t know if you and your sister remember Shelly Tomicheck, I remember her telling me she knew you guys a long time ago! if you do, email me… don’t know if you know, but I hve sad news.

  150. I had heard that there were some bumks at Slipper the year after Council closed called Camp Council and that some of the plaques may have ended up there?

  151. anyone remember this?
    “we got the camp council blues, segregation all the way
    the boys see the girls if they’re lucky once a day
    we all hate the food cause we know it tastes so bad
    when we get out for pizza it really makes us glad
    we’ve got the camp council blues all the time”

  152. WE love you campers oh yes we do. We don’t love anyone as much as you. When your not near us we’re blue. Oh campers we love you.

  153. Oh the lord is good to me and so I thank the lord for giving me the things I need- the sun and the rain and the appleseed, the lord is good to me.

  154. There was a boy
    There was a boy
    By the name of Billy Joe
    By the name of Billy Joe
    He had a goat
    He had a goat…
    The cutest boy
    The cutest boy
    I ever saw
    I ever saw
    Was sipping cidar thu a straw…
    Food Waiter, Waiter, Waiter
    food Waiter, waiter…
    Hagalina Magalina Ookinseina Walkindina
    Hoganloganbogan was her name…
    It’s all Coming Back to me…….

  155. “Happiness is like peeing in your pants. Everyone can see it, but only you can feel its warmth.”
    Can’t wait to see you guys~

  156. Ohhhh, because I have a very intimate relationship with the sess pool and my members only jacket… Now can we please move on to the next subject…Anyone know where they can buy good Philly pretzels??????

  157. Jon, I don’t know a Sharon Bryer…I was the one who looked like Peppermint Patty-as Sherri Gorden affectionately called me. Reddish-brown hair, freckles, short.

  158. If I remember correctly, when I was in Bunk F, you used to come in during free time-after dinner-and lift my bed up-with me in it. You found it quite amusing.

  159. Kim, I saw your posting for Washington High School. I left one for Northeast High and Fels Jr High. I want to leave a message with Spruance and Carnell Ele. I went to both schools.

  160. My cousins went to Spruance. They lived right across the street, but they are probably too young for you to know. Did you email Adam yet?

  161. yo tim wassup my boy. do u remember, one of the last years, u were the counselor of bunk 7,u talked me out of being a waiter and getting into your bunk? great summer

  162. I have been walking around for the past couple of days thinking of nothing but Camp Council songs… and I am annoying everyone around me. My husband is talking to me about dinner and I answer with W A I T R I that’s the way we spell waitri… and Visitors Hello…. and Damn it the friggin Lodge songs are killing me… We all live in a little red house… MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

  163. Does anyone remember the last reunion at the JCC many many moons ago? I remember parts of it, but not too much. It was only a year or so after camp ended.

  164. You’ve just acquired Campcoucilitis. There is really no cure except to put a pot over your head and start banging on it for hours. Also this disease is very contageous, so watch where your spreading those germs.

  165. well, it seems to me that i was in bunk 7 forever, both as a camper and councelor starting in like ’82. the last few years are a bit fuzzy but i will take your word for it derek. was that the year when jim was my co-counselor? didn’t we win color war that year?
    the camp list that jimbo gave us from 3rd enc. ’82 this was bunk 6 :k peta,b oblon,d cohen s spiegel, s saville, w perlovich…..and 3 other names i cant make out. its like the whose who of camp. and the girls list is just as cool. i suck at typing so i wont and this copy is toopoor to scan but i will get it posted somehow.

  166. I haven’t been singing too many songs-yet, I just can’t stop thinking and talking about camp. If I don’t stop soon, I think my hubby is gonna put me out on the front lawn. 🙂

  167. Michele-Kim and Debi Do you remember playing Jacks on the hardwood floors of the bunks and getting splinters on the side of your hands. Throwing the jacks when you would lose- Oh I forgot that would have been me.

  168. Unity Unity G and Lodge have Unity
    Together all day Together all night
    G and Lodge are doing all right
    S.. O.. U.. L
    G and Lodge have soul sock it to me

  169. Hey all! My fondest memories of camp … now come on and admit this girls… getting undressed as you are walking up the hill! I remember being in lodge and showering outside in the rain! I like to tease my husband with that story! Shaving cream fights that would get dirty with mud from the (YUK) sess pool! Gross people, lol!
    I also remember stephen laughing through shabbat maybe… not sure, just remember him not ever being able to speak hebrew without laughing… I remember odd things I think. Like some girl named Amelia who used to lie all the time, and we used to make her cry. I remember spending the last night of camp in the casset and staying up all night! I remember the exchange councelers from England… I also remember townies shooting bebe’s at lodge and all of us sleeping on the floor because we were so scared.. ha ha ha! and the mice! man I could go on and on
    does anyone remember jason and stacey bloom?

  170. WE ARE SOO F’IN GAY!!!
    You haven’t seen anything yet. Here’s a song my Mom taught me (she went to Camp Council, too), though I never sang it at camp:
    C – that’s the way it begins
    O – that’s the second letter in
    U – that is the third
    N, C – the middle of the word
    I – that’s near the end
    L – that is the end
    C O U N C I L, Council Camp is really swell
    Here’s to the best camp: Council!

  171. We welcome you to council camp, were mighty glad your here……
    The valley boys go marching through harrah harrah…….

  172. Listen, I take care of 70 children now. you should see me during the day. This is not gay compared to what I do.

  173. man… I remember like… NO songs!
    I work at a camp during the summer… not over night but day camp. They do color war! brings back memories, but I wasn’t a big fan of it, so I still am not crazy about it. The only thing I really like was silent lunch.. still my favorite, but for way different reasons, lol.
    But I did help them win with the color war plaque, it was awesome! Speaking of plaques, I went to slipper after cc closed, there was no bunks named cc, and no plaques either. Just our old cubbies, which the councelors made it a point to point out our cc campers wrote all over their cubbies and how “they don’t do that” A holes! lol

  174. The counselors from england, sean atkinson & neil? i have a picture of them with kp and i in casset. i guess it was a talent show or something. we were singing the “camp council blues” i can make out one face in the croud its steve dorfman i think.need to scan it and get it up here
    oh yeah, i think ron jeremy IS murray kramer,never have seen them both in the same place at the same time.coincidence?i think not!

  175. We are bunk- mighty might bunk- everywhere we go people wanna know, who we are, so we tell them.
    Kind of like we are tigers mighty mighty tigers. My kids love that in my daycare

  176. Ew… just the thought of going to camp with Ron Jermy! YUK! lol. I remember the dorfmans! OMG do I! I had a big crush on Steven Dorfman… I think now how his flirting was so inappropriate… I was so young, like 11 and he was like 16 maybe… I could be way off in ages here, I am SO bad with ages! but I do remember them! Anyone talk to them?

  177. oh right, the english councelors, but I had a female councelor… don’t remember her name, wasn’t fond of her. But I remember she used to sun bath topless… once the maintance guy came up and she was laying out and didn’t even flinch… ah those europeans !!! lol

  178. Kimmy I remember your fav. song. ( I am sitting here laughing) I know you will love this. cantalope, cantalope… honey dew ( repeat)
    Baby if we cantalope, I’ll be your honey dew.

  179. some of the older guys may remember the song about “C.I.T BOOBIES” and “Rubbers, Rubbers, R-U-B-B-E-R-s you can wear ’em in the winter you can wear ’em in the fall, some dam fools dont wear em at all……..” (and that was before the 80’s)

  180. Melanie, I remember Steve and Ryan Dorfman, I kissed Ryan the last year camp was open. Steve and Ryan looked like complete oposites

  181. My last memory or Steven was that, even though he flirted with me and he knew I liked him, he made out with Allison Singer right infront of me… I was so hurt! he he he he… yes complete opposites! I think back and don’t know why, beside the age, why I like steve instead of ryan… he was hot! I think… my memory is sometimes off!

  182. Melanie, We were obviously at camp at the same time. What girls were in your bunk? I was always friends with Michele Lynch, Terri O’dell, Stephanie Joseph, Dari Flood, and Jodi Saville.

  183. We are the C.I.T.s so pity us… the kids are brats the food is hideous… we like to smoke and drink and fool around… we are Camp Council C.I.T.s. “borrowed from Meatballs”

  184. Oddly enough, the only name I reconize is Jody Sevil. But I can’t place a face. My memory isn’t very good! Like I remember a Nicky, but can’t place a face. Refresh my memory, what is your last name?

  185. whenever I watch meatballs I get a bit teary, it’s the only movie that even slightly resembles cc! I so miss it!

  186. Those magnificent kids in their Council t-shirts. They have fun-fun-fun-fun while they work-work-work-work. All the boys are suchs slobs and the girls are such flirts. Those magnificent kids in their council t-shirts.
    la la la la
    Basking in the sunshine, laughing out loud cause their feeling so fine (?)
    la la la la la Council Spirit can’t hurt aww those magnificent kids in their Council t-shirts!

  187. Oh the bagels up at council they say they’re mighty fine – one rolled off the table and killed a pal of mine!

  188. I remember the Dorfmans. I dated Steven and I was Heidi’s CIT my last year there. Who are the others….Steven, Ryan, Heidi…there should be 2 more I think.

  189. I cantremeber what bunk i was in but i bunked with keith chait, anybody remember me? i remember adam b whats up dude

  190. I went to Chickies on the 14th walked around saw nobody drank 2 beers went home. I did look in the back for a second the was a big table of gypsies or Iraqies there. My wife said you were all in the back room? Sorry I missed it. Would like to have given gluck a wedgie. Let me know when next happening is. And Cardondick you can post under your name, dont be a gayboy. Anyhow scott theres a card game tomorrow night at the office puss, bring cash.

  191. Why’s that Timmy? If I remember, Brian wore jeans and black converse to his prom, and they wouldn’t let him in. Him and someone else.

  192. Heather came up with some more names.. A Counselor Steve Sweet and Wendy… And Stacy Goldstein and Pazit Swartz…..

  193. Hello Everyone I realize this takes up a lot of space but I thought if I posted it, it would throw some more names in the mix that people might remember. Found it in the archives
    Bunk List 1980 First Encampment
    Bunk A
    Jennis Bizcardi
    Julie Deminico
    Renee Radbill
    Michelle Lynch
    Jenny Dorman
    Stacey Freedman
    Lorrin Thomas
    Amy Imperiale
    Brooke Freedman
    Bunk B
    Amy Zeitz
    Rikki Friedman
    Judith Glass
    Valerie Silver
    Annie Schummel
    Sherri Gordon
    Kea Shalet
    Kim Leglang
    Bunk C
    Michelle Gussman
    Suzzy Bryer
    Linda Felberg
    Leah Brill
    Marina Beigelman
    Cheri Goldstein
    Dari Flood
    Andrea Cherry
    Randi Plevinsky
    Bunk D
    Lisa Imperiale
    Pam Erein
    Kim Aurvitz
    Andrea Russell
    Debbie Shocket
    Marla Bauman
    Jill Friedman
    Sharon Solomon
    Alyssa Sirmarco
    Bunk E
    Sherri Donovan
    Raquel Guzman
    Ellen Goldberg
    Dana Major
    Suzanne Stamatic
    Amy Freeman
    Tracey Segal
    Buffi Clemenko
    Cindy Spector
    Bunk F
    Andrea Stevens
    Heather Stone
    Sandra Emanuel
    Kimberly Imperiale
    Cheryl Liss
    Janet Weiss
    Jennifer Gordon
    Bari Shoemen
    Tina Quinto
    Bunk G
    Yelena Berjyozkin
    Noreen Izes
    Doreen Bilozycki
    Jodie Felberg
    Natasha Mozhaev
    Monica Emanuel
    Liza Neubaeur
    Laura Nathan
    Sheryl Fierstein
    Joy Felderman
    Lisa Silver
    Stacey Shanker
    Alana Davidson
    Lonnie Schamma
    Pam Bralow
    Yelena Mushnitsky
    Galina Vilgerman
    Bunk 1
    Stuart Stevens
    Scott Altman
    Drew Glickman
    Adam Byer
    Richard Giquinto
    Scott Stirrett
    David Seligsottn
    Daniel Schimmel
    Bunk 2
    Mark Felberg
    Mark Girsh
    Ryan Mayer
    Louis Smith
    Ginnady Balidar
    Ilya Gudesblat
    Jeremy Wagner
    Scott Cardonick
    Bunk 3
    Michael Bosniak
    Glenn Shucket
    Barry Reidenberg
    Allen Fisler
    Alex Ackerman
    Andrew Pollack
    Alex Sorokorensky
    David Neibauer
    Scott Ratson
    Bunk 4
    Brian Simons
    Howard Schneider
    Mike Miller
    David Glucker
    Howard Caplan
    Mende Davidson
    Kenny Einhorn
    Derek Cohen
    David Packman
    Bunk 5
    Michael Miller
    Lance Klein
    Marc Palermo
    Brian Schwartz
    Howard Schnedier
    Jack Byer
    Timmy Lynch
    Yasha Natanzon
    Eric Gordon
    Bunk 6
    Robert Felberg
    Howard Glickman
    Elliott Silver
    Jason Pollack
    Jason Squadroni
    Michael Staskin
    Mikkeal Kozarez
    Steven Mitchell
    Karl Foreman
    Bunk 7
    Joe Byer
    Alex Meltzer
    Steven Hunn
    Howard Rosen
    Vyzcheslav Markov
    David Stephenson
    Joel Pearson
    Michael Felice
    Bunk 8
    David Gotlieb
    Marc Cardonick
    Jordan Cohen
    Louis Feinberg
    Jeffrey Felman
    Jonathan Hunn
    David Einbinder
    Seth Brill

  194. A child arrived just the other day…he came to the world in the usual way…but there were planes to catch and bills to pay… he learned to walk while i was away…….snifff,snifff.

  195. Hi Jim bunk D was Kim Hurvitz with an H but Aurvitz actually sounds better. Thank god I got rid of that name.
    By the way Deb the sess pull had many victims dont feel so bad.

  196. You just call out my name and you know wherever I am, I’ll come running, to see you again. Winter, spring, summer or fall

  197. Nostalgia- When you told me the story kim of Sharon S. sliding down the hill in Dr. Scholls. Many campers were victims to the hill. There was a slickness to the hill. Dr Scholls ( with the navy blue strap), the shear gravity of the hill, and the slick rocks of the hill did not mesh well. Then if you were fortunate enough, you would jump over the sess pool and slip with your dr. scholls into the sess pool creek ( hopefully it didn’t rain the night before (flooding). The Dr. Sholl would remain stuck in the gluey sess pool and you would have a brown foot. Good times!!!!!

  198. I also remember the fashions, such as: terry cloth short sets ( preferrably in green or orange), head bands, many of the guys wearing masculine “sweat bands” on their wrists. I loved gimp- butterfly stitch, box stitch, and the leather bracelets we made in arts and crafts.

  199. Don’t forget the Terry Cloth Robes & Halloween costumes that were on the list of things they sent you to bring to camp.

  200. I don’t know if anyone remembers this….I think it was around 77-78…the storage shed near the top of the hill-they used to have free clothes in there. All the campers had a chance to go in and pick 1 or 2 pieces. I remember I got this striped tube top that I thought was soooo cool. Also, the stamped and braided leather bracelets, Jake and his Tootsie Rolls, and the mystery of the “retreat”.

  201. OK. Maybe I’m dating myself since I started at Council when it was all girls. Since you’re all talking about songs…does anyone remember…
    “Friends, Friends, Friends,
    We Will Always Be,
    Weather in Fair or in Dark Stormy Weather,
    Dear Council Camp, Will Hold Us Together
    The Red & Blue (Blue & Red)
    We Will ‘Ere Be True (To The End)
    Love Will Pervade Us
    Till Death Separate Us
    We’re Friend, Friends, Friends!”

  202. I was Jon’s partner for alot of years, but I don’t remember picking on anyone with him. Especially turning over anyones bed.

  203. I think I might remember you Rich, but I’m not sure. Your name sounds familiar. Gluck, I think I ran into you about 8-10 years ago near Caldor at Haldemnan and the Blvd. Stacey, I remember that song soooo well. How about “I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…..”

  204. chad p yo wats up how could i not remmber i thought suzzy gave you my number. jon o i was in your bunk with ruslan, do you remmber? anyone remmber sean green???? last i herd he lived in down town philly..

  205. A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can put on his shoes. – Mark Twain
    I am clink free, thank you!
    Rich, you were my partner for years? O.k. then. You were the girl.

  206. Yeah Adam, I remember. How have you been? Weren’t you the one who used to hang Ruslan from the top rafters in his underwear by a nail?

  207. Hey Jon, is that prison talk?
    Yeah I was your partner in crime for years, I was the only one who would talk to you.

  208. Rich, I think the fries are burning…you’re gonna get fired if you burn ’em again today.
    Really, I know what I’m doing…Ohhhh, look at the shiny buttons!

  209. Gluck! There were 3 Squadroni’s in that camp and you don’t remember ONE!
    Has anyone been able to find Scott Pearl? I used to talk to him online a few years back, but lost touch. I know he is in willowgroove.

  210. Now thats how it’s supposed to work… Suzzy just e-mailed me a recent photo and an old camp photo… instantly I remembered her. Coooooool.

  211. there’s a skeeter on my peeter whack it off,whack it off… there’s another on my brother whack it off,whack it off there’s a dozen on my cousin can’t you hear those suckers buzzin… there’s a skeeter on my peeter whack it off!

  212. jon o thats right i was the one to do that to ruslan. we were the best of friends all threw school. he came to texas to work for a while on summer vacation, we would tell every one of stories of camp they never knew it was as much fun as we said

  213. Does anyone remember how to spell Ruslan’s last name? I’m trying to look for him, but don’t know how to spell his last name.


  215. Well, Ruslan wasn’t home, but I got his email. I sent him a link to the board. Hopefully we will here from him soon.

  216. Well, I got in touch with Alex Sorokorensky, and he gave me Ruslan’s info. Ruslan wasn’t home, I sent him an email with a link to the board. Hopefully we will here from both of them soon.

  217. At Gluck’s suggestion, I have posted an old pic of me on the yahoo board. Maybe this will help you all to remember who I am. I think more people should post pics. Jon, I definately remember you now.

  218. Melanie…
    I use to work woth Scott Pearl. I still talk to him. I told him about this link. Ill get you his email.

  219. Well, thanks to Glucker I found out about this site. It’s nice to see I’m not the only who feels that my days at Camp Council were some of the best I’ve ever had. I have some pics I’ll try to post later. Hard to believe it’s been almost 20 years huh? I go back every year with my kids to show them around. They know the routine. Pick up 3 stones, no talking, make your wishes as you walk through the covered bridge and toss them in French Creek. We also hike through the woods past the Army reserve base to see what’s left of Rapps Dam. Still looks the same, almost. I recognize most of the names I’ve been seeing on this site. Really hope we can put together a reunion soon.
    Mel-what’s new? haven’t heard from you in a while
    Cardonick-you fag, how’s business at the factory
    Rich-I have a pic of you and Jon laying in bed together
    Jon-weren’t the only rich jew who went to council? think I borrowed a polo shirt from you once to go to the dance. I couldn’t afford the real ones, just the ones with 3 legs.
    Lee-what’s up cuz?
    Pretty wierd only 1 person mentioned Schamanikan and nobody mentioned the infamous bell!

  220. i remmber when ruslan woke up one morrning with the dinger from the bell … who took it from the bell and put it with ruslan while he sleep? i dont think he ever found out

  221. what’s up all… Glad to see you checking in Adam. There is no way I would corrupt the morals of a ten year old Scott! You must be “manufacturing” that memory. 🙂

  222. yo, the new pic thats posted here (up top) is the one of the two brits, sean & neil and kp & me. i remember the 4 of us all wore my “jams”(shorts)
    dont know if you guys heard but we are pretty sure that the bunk plaques are still around.hopefully we will have them for the reunion.
    anyone up for having a couple beers this weekend?

  223. suz… I am totally not bringing my husband and kid to the reunion! I wanna have fun! lol.
    Scott… hi there, yea we haven’t talked in a while, lost touch I guess ;O). You should email me.
    Ok, now so it seems that whenever I m ention someone, they end up on here… lol, how about Dave Shneller?

  224. i prefer to go to a place that has COLD beer, other than that, no cover bands, no sweater-boys, and lots of tatooed freaks.
    or just a quiet place in the city.

  225. when are we talking about here… it’s my husbands bday, so I have to be there for him… damn it! lol

  226. Nicks is great! to bad I can’t go!!! :o( I am so sad… I am still waiting to here what night!!!!

  227. Thanks, Timmy. Maybe I’m not remembering this correctly, but was Kevin Peta the one who wanted to make a pottery clay dildo (well, maybe not to be used as a dildo), but they wouldn’t let him?

  228. dude i dont remember that (dildo) thing but its funny stuff. i will ask him. those damn arts & crafts counselors were so uptite!hehe

  229. Hey what’s up campers. This definetly brings back lots of memories. Me, singing at the talent shows, the underwear on the flagpoles and of course those lodge girls. I am definetly psyched up for the reunion.

  230. Yo what’s up tim. How’s life treating you. Are you still the man like you were in camp. we should get together for a few drinks and with anyone else who wants to. How’s your sister doing?

  231. wish i could go to nicks drinks sound good living in texas makes it hard have a tost to the many good times….and more to come

  232. Look at us, memories running away capturing our hearts and souls, a time long gone but never to be forgotten. A life that we lead for ever shallow compared to our past. I remember slamming the door on a counselor Steve (Grizzly Bear). OK so we actually called him Grizzle Shit. He was so pissed off he lunged at me while I was on the top bunk and Scott Pearl jumped on his back and screamed

  233. Scott- we mentioned the bell! Do edit- find- and type in bell. I want my shirt back-
    Suzzy- I remember you now too~ when you mentioned Peppermint Patty I had a whole different idea who you were.

  234. I’m glad you remember me Jon. I hear we are practically neighbors. I think you may be only about an hour north of me. All of us Floridians should get together too.

  235. So is everyone meeting at NICKS or what???? I am hoping to convince my husband to let me abandon him on this birthday (since his party isn’t until Sunday). What time is everyone meeting, maybe I could stop in for an hour. Nicks is so close by! Who is going! HEY everyone who is going email me!!!!!

  236. This is so amazing. The Camp Council bond still holds strong. We were all so fortunate to have grown up with the Camp Council experience. I dug out a few photos and will scan them to post. I actually have one of the bell. After the housing development went up where our beloved camp once stood, we went up there and one of the houses still had the bell/wishing well on their front lawn. The memories are flooding back so fast I don’t know where to begin. I remember having sleep outs on the soccer field and the guys would sneak up from the valley through the woods. I remember one time when Jake came up and Gluck was up there with us. A bunch of us girls threw our blankets over him to hide him. I don’t think Jake ever found out.
    Myself, Michele Lynch, Nicky Hurvitz & Steph Joseph were labeled “The 4 Muskateers”.
    Hey, Hey look us over, we’re from the hill…
    Jim Miles, do you remember hiding from us in the witches house on our way to the French Creek and scaring the crap out of us because we thought the witch got you? (Ok, give me a break, I was only 12)
    Does anyone remember the Color War when Laura Timmerman(??) put on the hoax that Lisa Cohen and a bunch of counselors were getting fired? I remember everyone freaking out and crying hysterically.
    Hey ______….someone’s calling my name
    Hey ______….and I hear it again
    You’re wanted on the telephone…
    If it’s not _____, I’m not home.
    At this rate, I won’t get any sleep tonight. I am looking forward to the reunion in 2005. I am now living in Alpharetta, GA with my husband and our 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son.

  237. I just pulled out an old address book from when I was in bunk C (Nicky ~ you’re writing is all over it). I thought I would post some names from this address book that might be familiar to some of you…some of these names may have already been mentioned throughout the site.
    Amy Zeitz, Max Bockol, Stacy Goldstein, Greta Erlichman, Scott Geller, Ken Goldstein, Stacy Goldberg, Denise Kravitz (I believe Denise is a Sklar cousin), Ira Liss, Robin Mitnik, Andi Myerson, Lisa Resnick, Ilene Steinberg, Valerie Silver, Denise Demko, Heather Sklar, Jon Stern, Rhonda Winokur, Eleanor Wild, Debbie Weiss (Jody & Cindy Weiss)~ wasn’t Jody bitten by Jake’s dog? The things you remember…


  239. Hey ALL! This is the better half of the “Saville Clan”. I am in SOuth Florida now. HHHM, Did I read Jon is here too? Tampa Bay area to be exact. It was awesome hearing from Michelle and about this site. I just want to say that I STOLE TWO LODGE PLACQUES!!!!!!! Yes, I still have them. LODGE RULES! Anyway, great to hear all that is going on. I know that Scott, my brother stayed in touch with one of the counselors from England. I think his name was Keith. Scott just relocated back to Philly. What can I say, I LOVE CAMP COUNCIL!!!! Anyone who knows me over the years, knows about camp. OK

  240. I have friends who work at GPTMC, the marketing company in Philly that does the year round things by Penn’s landing. I can see if we can advertise in their monthly papers. May help; ALso my AUnt IDA use to be the dietician for Golden Slipper and Coouncil back in the 60’s, may be able to get help from family on furhter information. I will let you know. I have so many things like the encampment papers that say Bunk B wouldn’t be bunk b if… lot so fun stories and crushes. Do you remember? What happen at the flag pole and lighhtneing Glucker? Still wiating on that story.

  241. Ok I am having a memory of something no one mentioned! Suicide hill?? the so called short cut down the hill. We would cut back there instead of walking down the long long hill… Then we would cut through the woods and cross this bridge behind of pool where there were always HUGE bull frogs, but you could never see them until you got close and they would jump and scare the crap out of you! Am I the only one who remembers this???

  242. I remember suicide hill. We used to climb it when sneaking up to the girls cabin.
    Anyone remember the “sleepin” in Cassett we had every year?
    Hey Nicki-How’s Ian Morrison? Isn’t he your cousin.

  243. If you email them to me ( deisner at gmail dot com ) I’ll put them up. The blogging software won’t let you include img tags in comments, unfortunately.

  244. hey everybody. its on tonight at nicks roast beef. around 7:oo pm. i talked to a few people so far. should be cool. see ya there.
    jodee, hey, tell your bro i said hi.

  245. Hey guys! It was nice seeing you guys tonight at Nicks! I hope next time there are more people. It was a lot of fun reminising about camp. Its awesome finally being able to talk about camp with people who know what i am talking about.
    later all

  246. Hi Kim, sorry I got your Initial wrong, I always kind of liked you and your sisters last name…haven’t seen you since the gym around 1989 or so…hope you are well.
    Hi Niki and Teri, I remember you guys very well along with the other two musketeers. I still have school pictures of you two from around 6th grade…glad you are both doing well and Congrats on your kids!!!! Hope to see you guys at the Reunion.
    Hope everyone had fun at Nicks tonight, couldn’t make it, me and my daughter had a dinner date and went to the movies…hope to make it next time. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

  247. Hey, what’s up all?
    Anyone remember the bullfrog noises when sleeping outside at night? Or how about Jake’s dog getting painted? Or Brian Oblon spraying his crotch with lysol and then setting it on fire!!
    I live down in Florida now. I’d still be willing to come to Philly for the reunion, but only if Ruslan will be performing a song or two for us.

  248. hi– went to camp in the 70’s when it was all girls.. was in alot of the plays, remember all the fun songs.. read alot of the postings, just want to say thanks for the memories.. if anyone remembers me, please e-mail me… have fun at the reunion. roz

  249. Sprayed lysol on my junk and lit it on fire. Sounds painful. Cardonik keeps posting under my name cause I mentioned him and der dating. I have since found out they are not together and I didnt know it was a secret. There is no way that can be ruslan posting its got to be scott posting under his name. Gluck I dont sign in enough so I missed Nicks, gimmie a call when you guys are getting together. I’d love to have a few drinks with everyone that werent stored in the back of a toilet to keep cold.

  250. I know everyone is trying to remember names of campers. Does anyone remember Brian and Little Michelle who always got up on stage and sang Lola and Piano Man? They did it every time we had a talent show. They were too cute. Oh and Kevin beware, I have a photo of you in a tootoo (spelling) from when we had the water show. Does anyone remember Shari Spivack AKA Cabbage patch doll? ANd what the heck is a Hanasasourious or a Repetitanious, I’m a moon jug, I’m a teaball, I musta hit my head against the wall. My son loves when I sing that song. He is only 20 months.

  251. Hey all, sorry I missed Nick’s on saturday night. But I definitly want to go next time when everybody gets together. Not sure if I’ll sing at the reunion but maybe with some incentives. Yes oblon it’s really me posting. What’s up dude?

  252. Jodee- hello! Last I remember you lived in King of Prussia~ I’m down here is S. Fla. I remember coming across mail we used to send each other almost 20 years ago. You used to write in a funky pen that is silver on the outside and blue or red on the inside.

  253. Does anyone know how to contact Denise Demko, Shawn Petit, Grizzley, David Axilbund’s, Steve & Ryan Dorfman, Sharon Bryer, Danny Asher, Sherry Gorden or Shari Spivak?

  254. Rich, I may be able to get a hold of Sherri Gorden. I have to see if my last info for her is up to date. I will try tonight.

  255. I’m trying to contact Todd Zeitz (Amy Zeitz’ brother) and Mike Noble. They used to be in my Fraternity in College.

  256. I know Jamie Kessler used to work at Burlington Coat Factory at Welsh Rd. and Roosevelt Blvd., but that was a very long time ago.

  257. I think she lives in NJ now. I saw her a few months ago at my wife’s OBGYN. (Baby visit) She was sitting directly across from me. I knew she looked familiar but I couldn’t figure out who she was until after she went back to see the doctor. By then it was too late to say anything to her.

  258. Scott, How are you? Yes, Ian Morrison is my step-brother. He is now a female impersonator in Center City. Usually works at Shampoo. He is also an editor for the phila. gay news.

  259. I just spoke to Sherri Gorden. She should be on the board in the next couple of days. I also asked her to pass this on to Eric and Shawn Green.

  260. Nicky, Ask Ian to post some pics. I know he has a lot of them. I remember making copies of the ones I took in 1986 for him. I lost most of mine.

  261. Hi everyone! I had to write because i saw Ian’s name. I was only at camp the last 2 years it was open and i actually broke my knee because of Ian and Melanie Squadroni!! Mel was my best friend at camp and ive known her since camp woodlight at paley! She gave me this link and its funny to see some old names and to hear about Ian! I had the biggest crush on him and now he is gay? Thats too funny. Oh, by the way…. HI TARA!!!

  262. ya know all… if you go on Dave’s website we could all be chattin’ in the chat room! All ya gotta do is get a yahoo membership (FREE)!!! DO IT! IT WOULD BE FUN, don’t ya think?

  263. I placed an ad in the SJ Trend Newspaper. It will be out December 1st. I’m working on the PA. papers.

  264. Nicky, very surprised! I couldn’t tell it was him at first. Lisa emailed him to say hi. They were in the school play together at Northeast and she almost fell out of her seat when she saw the site.

  265. I graduated in 89. I don’t recall the name. I probably would recognize her if I saw her.
    I think you need to post that picture of Jon and I. I gotta see this. I’m going to see him in December in S. Florida.

  266. I met with the Jewish Exponent rep today. He gave me pricing and additional contact information. I also began developing the flyers for the reunion and for contacting alumni.
    I also started a line of communication with the president of the Camp Council Organization. They are thrilled and excited about getting this together. I am waiting for additional names and contact information of people willing to work on this reunion. We have people on board that attended in the 30s, 50s 70s and us (80s).
    Michele Bennett and I are putting some of the other pieces together, and the Jewish Archives are forwarding items from the Archives as we speak.
    The contacting part is the most time consuming – we need everyone’s assistance in getting out the word. I am waiting for additional camper lists and other information from the board.
    Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, or input as to the actual reunion?
    Please share!!!

  267. I don’t have any camp lists or anything, but I can make phone calls if you need help with that. You can just email me the info. I will help any way I can from here.

  268. sorry i missed the nicks thing i found out to late
    hey adam suzzy did give me your number but i lost it,,,yo whats up ruslan, whats up scott


  270. Someone I know had a party at the small waterpark that’s right down the road from camp. There was about 100 people there and there was room for more. Just an idea. We can rent out the whole place and have to ourselves and they allow beer/alcohol. Might be fun especially if families are coming. Not sure what the final word on that is.

  271. Chad-what’s up, I remember you. Didn’t know you were friends with Keith. We used to wrestle together at Northeast.

  272. HEY there is no way I am getting into a bathing suit infront of all you!!! I don’t have that 12 year old body anymore!!! he he

  273. I guess the first thing that needs to be decided is whether we want a one day thing or a weekend. Any opinions. I am up for a weekend. Instead of posting here, just reply to the email address. Michele Lynch and I will tally.

  274. Hey All, just spoke to “Rabbi”. He’s actually on his way to Philly for the holiday as we speak. He should be posting here as soon as he can.

  275. Here’s my two cents….
    I’ve been calling hotels in the area of CC, King of Prussia, West Chester, Exton and a couple in Philly.I have gotten menus, prices etc from the hotels. My thoughts and efforts have been spent looking for a place to house us for the reunion. I think, we could set up a few “excursions” to Rapps Damn, French Creek, the former camp etc., or to the water park, but we should let people decide for themselves what the want to do with their day. However, on Saturday night, I want to have a dinner/ social gathering (like the good old camp dances) and show a slide show and pictures and hopefully get some memorabilia like plaques shirts and stuff like that. As far as that night, I am not planning on entertaining the whole family, just those of us that went to camp.
    What do you think about that? Let us know at
    Also, I thought of doing it this way so people can decide if they want to make it a weekend event or just come to the evening party… it’s all about having options.

  276. yeah scott i was good friends with keith for a long time, i remember you guys used to wrestle, man did i hate that school worse than spruance

  277. yo guys i live in sanatoga/pottstown wich is 10 minutes away from king of prussia and collegville if you need any info then email me i know where everything is around there. hey scott the water park is called waterworld/ i used to play hockey there up until a couple of years ago its callled echo valley hockey deck

  278. what happened to tim’s idea of a banquet and then an optional day trip to the camp? did I miss something


  280. re: Reunoin Plans
    a banquet on saturday night with food/drinks & entertainment (slide show ect.) seems to me to be the most feesable. we will do it at a hotel close to phoenixville. this way, if you want to make a weekend out of it or check out rapp’s or whats left of camp or whatever, you can. also, i dont think that anyone who didnt go to camp will have anything to add to a reunion so if we have the banquet(for us) then the rest of the weekend people can have thier “families” at the hotel to hang out with.
    i think that having “strangers” at the reunion is just like having “townies” at camp.
    that’s just what i think!
    happy thanksf’ingiving

  281. Hi everyone. Hi Rich. Hmm. Hicky’s, my mom was going to dis-own me if I came home with one more hicky.:-)… Leap frog in the cess pool….flipping matresses in the Valley only to have the guys destroy our bunks (no mercy)! YO GUIDO, are you still in S.Philly? I haven’t seen you in years. I have a bunch of pictures that I will scan next week. Happy Thanksgiving.

  282. Sherri… is this the sherri that I knew? do you remember me? were you in lodge with a girl named Brooke? Then you were my cit the last year and got really high one night and couldn’t find your elbow. Kept saying you lost it in the field!! HE HE
    thats if this is that Sherri

  283. Hi all! My mother went to Camp Council in 1957. Bunk 10, then transferred to either Bunk A or C-“Aunt Debbie” was the counselor. She remembers Ellen Fine (nee Frank)who has since passed away and Renee Breslovsky (sp?). Don’t know what happened to Renee. Remember learning archery, swimming, “I Doubt You,” and having to take the train to camp to get there. It seemed so far from the NE Philly area at the time. Now it’s just a car ride away. Remember Pepto Bismal (the pink stuff) for the first time. Remember the “rain song.” Please keep us posted with reunion info. e-mail at cookie5766 at yahoo and this website — which is great!

  284. Song(s) remembered:
    We are the girls of Council Camp you hear so much about; the people stop & stare at us whenever we go out; we’re noted for our thoughtfulness in everything we do; most everybody likes us; we hope you like us too; oh, as we go marching and the band begins to P L A Y, you’ll hear us shouting, “toilet paper, toilet paper, 5 cents a roll.”
    Did anyone still sing this after 1957????

  285. The only thing I remember doing in the field is picking berries until I turned blue. 🙂 I remember Brooke. I think Brooke stopped coming after a year or two. HI SUZZY! We are Council Mighty Might Council every where we go O people wanna No O who we are R so o we tell theM We are Counci Mighty Mighty Council………..
    Camp Council was the best.

  286. Hi Sherri. Welcome to the board. I must agree…Council was the best. I tired to get friends to go. They couldn’t grasp the “Camp Council Experience”. Too bad for them.

  287. Thanks, Suzzy. 1977 – 20 yrs. later than 1957. Maybe someone remebers that one. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  288. does anybody know how to get hold of Marla & Sharon? Tracy/Jamie Kessler? Marco “DEGO” Ricca?
    Jenny Martin? Lisa Colan(COHEN), Lois, Karen Heater, or any of the other lesbian tribe?

  289. I tried to send an email to Marco via classmates, but I don’t think he ever got it. Last time I saw him, which was a few years ago, he was living in Jersy.

  290. Hey Sherri, How’s it going? I remember all encampment you tried to give me a hickey. I managed to avoid it until the last night at the sleep in at Casset. You got me while I was sleeping.

  291. This Sherri did like hicky’s, but don’t confuse me with Sherry the CIT! People liked to confuse us towards the end.

  292. hey debi..west side story was cool, i forgot which part you played…just turned 40 and a father to twin 7 year old girls so i forget quite a’s easier then remembering but I do remember other cast members from that good old play….dave seichel, marc rappoport, jill weiss, jordy ( i forget his last name).. remember Joe Levin, Marla Pepsin and her brother Dave, Jody Gross, Jody Hough, the Mishat sisters…..I had a ton of pictures but being a cold and insensitive person I sacraficed them as fuel for my fireplace in the winter of 1992…to this day they bring back many warm memories….Hi Timmy

  293. Hey Lanny, I was Anita you were Bernardo. We were married. I cant believe you forgot me and I haven’t even filed for a divorce yet…lol… I have twin girls too, they will be 13 in Feb. I also have 2 boys 9, and 7. Did you see the picture I posted on a few of the sites? I think it is you near the pool. I too was cold in the blizzard of ’92, but was soooo fat after having the twins, I didnt need a fire… haha. Are you going to go to the reunion if and when it happens? I am planning on it if it is a dinner, not at a waterpark. I do enough waterparks in the summer down the shore. This is ME time, not family time… Anyway, nice hearing from you. I do remember some of the names you posted. I went on classmates and put info on some of the schools that were in the area, hope to track down some of the people from 77-79…. talk to you soon!

  294. I think I would prefer a hotel or hall type of reunion. It will be nice to have ‘me’ time, as Debi put it, and to be able to just catch up with eachother and remember the ‘Camp Council Experience’. Food, drink, and lots of memories.

  295. debi…now i remember, we were married…i’ve watched that show 100 times since then….you must not have been an attentive wife because i swear i never felt a thing…maybe it was my fault. as far as the reunion goes..sounds good and totally understand the ME thing…you had twins right away and so did my wife and i…we’ll never know the one at a time thing…when does the head stop spinning…so ironic that my stage wife and my real one had twin girls….jill weisberg played maria…seichel played tony and marc rappaport played riff…murray kramer directed right…

  296. Hi Suzzy, maybe because I am older. I went with my brother and sister, Michele and Timmy. I only went til I was in E , I think. I wished I would have stayed but me and Heather Hurvitz moved on to bigger and better things (so we thought). I think there is a picture of me somewhere on one of these sites, I forget where.
    Hi Lanny, WOW you have a great memory… I remember Jill, big head of black hair. Infact I was the only blonde PR in the play…. I remember Tony but not his name, seichel… I hope we find the people from those years…And my head is still spinning!!!Maybe the twin thing was in the water at camp in the late 70’s.
    Anyway, talk to you guys soon!!!

  297. hey, i played “Diesel” in west side in 77 and yes murray kramer was the director, “when you’re a jet you’re a jet all the way………”
    hey,lanny who were the counselors that did the fire/torch show at the closing camp fire?

  298. hey should have stayed longer…my last year was brother derek and the new gang of thugs closed the camp with a BANG! a few years later I think..being a counselor was cool and not to get serious on you or anything…the experience has made me a better parent…as far as the memory goes, I turned in my bong in 1980 or was it 1990 …i remember dawn rauer…you guys were best friends….i didn’t realize that the e-mail i was recieving from debi rafferty was you so it was deleted please resend it…been living down the shore for 18 years now…it’s highly overrated and i miss the philly life but my kids are young and this is their home so here i stay….

  299. yo timmy or is it Tim now….wasn’t there for the closing campfire I left in 1986….how much older are you then Derek, his birthday is today so let’s have a gay Kings and Queens for Derek on his 34th birthday….you guys were great.. gluck,peta,oblon,der… can fill in the rest…you dudes were the reason I kept comming back, that and because I knew that the real world would wind up being a hassle..working two jobs right now..both of them pointless but necessary….kids are expensive but they keep you active…we light fires in my yard during the winter and i tell my kids the story of “the monkeys paw” as told by edgar allen poe via Murray Kramer….cool shit

  300. lanny, it was the camp fire in 77 the guys were tossing around and twirling torches. it was awesome but that was the only time they did it.
    that was the year elvis died (rip king) and murray did a song parody about it. i was 8 years old then and i remember some shit like it was yesterday. sean o’neil,john flanegan,bill “boom-boom” cannon, pizza, holly barnett’s huge boobs……

  301. Holly has some” big uns” that’s for sure..bumped into her brother down here( atlantic city ) a few years back..i remember sean and pizza but they didn’t stay around to long…pizza came from SGF as did John Flanagan who I heard died in a fire a long time ago(is this true)…thought for sure we would see you on MTV one day….you were the man

  302. timmy…previous message was for you but in response to the campfire of 1977….Ken Patkin was one of the guys who did the flipping of the torches….he was great at that kind of stuff and stayed only one year at council after about 10 years at SGF…wasn’t pizza the other guy…anyway it’s great to hear that you even think of these things….you were an amazingly creative kid….

  303. and yes, he still is an amazingly creative KID!!! I remember Timmy being Deisel, he had to push me around and he loved it.. Its great pushing your older sister around and getting away with it. I just remembered tonite that I sang “JIngle Bell Rock” at the camp talent shows. Pretty funny singing that at a Jewish Camp. Well I tried to sing, I think I just yelled so loud it sounded like singing…. Boy what memories.

  304. Hey Lanny, I cant get in touch with Dawn Rauer. I was also good friends with Heather Hurvitz who is still one of my best friends. I lost touch with Dawn when I went to Frankford High…Anyway, I rent a house in OC every summer, I will have to look you up… Are you in AC or Ventor? My mother has a house in Margate. What kind of work do you do?

  305. good stuff lanny, thanx for the kind words, still chasing my rock-n-roll dreams (into my 40’s?) but MTV is really out,maybe VH1 or americas most wanted lol. everybody gets there 15 minutes.
    yeah, i also heard that flanegan died in a fire in his trailer along with his irish setter,damn shame. i know we all loved playing hockey with him. you cohen boys where a hockey clan!

  306. Hey Debi,
    I guess the age thing would be it. It’s only a couple of years, but if you were in Bunk E in ’79, I was on in Bunk ‘C’. With Lisa Cohen and Greta as my counselors. Lisa was giving us sex ed classes. That was the year I learned all about birth control pills….just what every 9 year old girl should know. LOL

  307. Was it the Greta that put her make up on before she went to bed every nite, incase she needed it. The Greta who slept with her eyes partly open, that gave me the creeps…

  308. Suzzy, how old are you? My sister Michele started in 79, my last year. She was in bunk A. She was born in ’71…

  309. OH yeah, and thats a shame Suzzy, I just learned how to smoke under the bunk. We had to run like hell when the shunks came…. I didn’t even know how to french kiss till after camp.

  310. Yeah Debi, that’s the one. I don’t remember her being around too much, but I think she was cool when she was there.
    I am going to be 35 in Feb. I remember Michele and Timmy. That pic of you seems like it wants to be familiar. I remember most of the people on this board.
    I think my main interest back then was boys, boys, and boys.

  311. I did plenty of kissing at camp. In fact, one night Jim Miles encouraged me to kiss Alex Sorokorensky on the bridge. He had some help from Stormy.

  312. hey debi..the french kiss thing explains why we never stayed married…..we take the girls to gillians every summer let me know when you are coming down and hold up a sign so i can recognize you….the whole jingle bells thing at a jewish camp for poor underpriveleged intellects strikes close to home…..i remember you thin and blonde with pretty blue eyes and feisty as hell..hey timmy HOCKEY WAS MY LIFE..i passed that on to derek..he’s younger but maybe when i’m 60 i’ll be able to take him….the Miracle with Kurt Russell is an awesome hockey movie….you’ve probably seen it but if you haven’t…watch it…GOOD NIGHT CAMPERS

  313. I started a camp in ’74. I remember Lana Mashat, Jodi Hough, Jennifer Pepsin and her sister Marla. My sister Wendy was in Marla’s bunk, I think. I remember the year Elvis died and they did the campfire song about how Elvis died on the toilet seat. I also remember my counselor in Bunk C I think, Karen…she was a total Ramones fan!

  314. Hi, Debi! Who is your mother, so I can tell my mom, Irene B., when I ask her? I will ask my mom if Aunt Debbie had black hair. Does your mom remember any other names from 1957 camp? Thanks.

  315. Nicky, OK, I have not been able to find Ian’s website!! I WANT to see these pictures!!! what is the website

  316. Lanny, I will let you know when I will be down the shore. I will email my shore number when it gets closer to summer. And I would have Kissed Kurt Russel, thats for sure!!!
    Suzzy, I am on aol, so I can IM from there. I also have a yahoo email address And I did start a site on classmates that has a chat room, did I send an invite to you? Let me know and I can do that…
    Irene, I dont think she remembers that much about camp except that Debbie had black hair.

  317. Debi – Hi. Mom said that Aunt Debbie did have short, black hair in 1957. Mom doesn’t remember much else either, except one or two songs, which can be posted later. If your mom remembers any other names or anything else, would like to hear about it! Thanks!

  318. Wow! I’ve just wasted an hour at work reading this site. So many people I remember!! I’m excited that a reunion is being be planned. For the past year, I’ve been a board member of the Friends of Camp Council, which is a group of people (most of whom were on the board when the camp still existed) that distributes annual scholarship funds to camps that serve needy children from the Philly area (including Golden Slipper). The money from the sale of the Camp Council land in Phoenixville has been invested and that’s what we use. We meet a few times a year. A few months ago, Sharon Solomon & Marla Bauman also joined the board. This past summer, we went to visit Golden Slipper Camp, which has a section of bunks called “Camp Council Village”, the Camp Council Playground, and a small section of the dining hall dedicated to our camp. Unfortunately, none of the old plaques were saved, but it definitely brought back memories of being at camp (we were there during Color Wars). I’d love to help plan a reunion (wish I knew abou this for the 11/14 meeting. When’s the next one?). It’s great to see names of people I haven’t thought of in years. I also spoke briefly last year with JillyBean, who definitely wants to plan a reunion. I’m still very good friends with Bari Neiderman & Ellen Gill, who I’m sure would want to come to a reunion. And a few years ago, I wrote an e-mail to someone I thought was Bones, and it was! I’m sure I could find him again. Please feel free to write to me!

  319. Suzzy, I guess my username is Broomallraffs.
    Irene B. I will ask my mother is she remembers any names. Her name was Arlene Gerson…
    Has anyone found Rick Schofield yet???

  320. Hi Suzzy! Bari just sent me an e-mail this morning with a link to this site. I haven’t seen you since your son’s bowling party a few years ago. I’m doing well and really excited about seeing everyone. I have a bunch of pictures, all my old autograph books, and I know somewhere in a box in storage is a CC t-shirt & iron-on emblem, and also an issue of the camp newsletter. I’ll have to dig them out! Do you know if the next reunion meeting date has been set yet?

  321. “Bones” was a counselor in the late 70’s & early 80’s. His real name is Tony Rose. He used to entertain us by leaping over a bunch of benches lined up in Cassat, and at the end of every encampment he would write a song using various camper’s & counselor’s names called “There’s a riot going on”. Bring back any memories?

  322. I know the manyunk area!!! My sister in law has a nail place there. I would love to meet there… any plans yet?

  323. Tony “bones” Rose…there is a name I never would have come up with….but now I remember..didn’t he play music with another very creative guy named there were so many at our camp…what was his last name…he was a great guy ..played the piano and could sing tremendously

  324. I really want to come to the next meeting, but Saturday 12/11 is not good for me b/c I’ll be at my fiance’s work’s Christmas Party in Atlantic City. Any other days?

  325. saturday 12/ good for me either…taking kids to the Titanic exhibit at the Franklin Institute…
    Debi….Johnny Bravo, really!!

  326. No good for me either. I’ll be in Florida visiting Jon O.
    And you all know it’s not a party unless i’m there. 😉
    What’s up kp? Just teasing brother. By the way, it’s Mrs. JOHNSTIN, I’m married.
    I have an ad in The South Jersey Trend Newspaper running weekly. Already got 1 response. Hope for more.

  327. Lanny, what the hell are you talkin about Johnny Bravo?????
    Sorry out next weekend, Work!!!!!
    I know you’ll all miss me, oh yeah, I’m Timmy and Michele’s Big sister….

  328. debi..johnny bravo(greg brady) c’mon you’re not that old..ANITA..I am..
    peta and lynch..der and ob’s came down to my house a few years ago..signed your name in my garage…bunk style(crest,colgate)

  329. Hay everyone we can’t believe it took so long to find this website, thanks Elisa, we would love to see everyone and are looking forward to a reunion. So great to hear everyone is doing so well. We always talk about our Camp Council days and we still sing the songs too. Keep us up to date and let us know if we can help.
    Marla and Sharon

  330. K.P are you still going to have a get together soon. let me know I’m in. Hey Marla and Sharon how are you?

  331. lanny, not as slow as you may think…Becky is doing great, she’ll laugh when she hears about this site. Rhonda is married w/children and doing well last I heard. Kevin, Gluck, Tara, Timmy, Michelle…this is just crazy. It’s great to hear you are all doing well. I miss those summers.
    By the way, we are a couple and now happy to be out of the closet:)(Just kidding, Marla)

  332. HI Marla and Sharon. Marla, Kimmy tried to locate you on Classmates, could’nt find you. I believe that you both live near eachother? How are both of you doing.

  333. sharon and marla….actually, I’m the slow one…I had a ton of pictures of everybody but they were getting old and ruined from me moving around so much so I tossed them back in the late 80’s (did I just say that)…what was I going to do with them…and whoever heard of the internet…oh well..remember Sharon it was you who dropped me off on the beach about 20 years ago after Labor Day…I never came home.

  334. Hey Jon I still use colored markers. Oh and by the way incase you forgot this, I am allowed to shave now.
    Pam: WOW! forgot you went to camp in the later years. how are you?
    Does anyone remember the WSI we called SKUNK, was his real name Stewart?
    Hi Ruslan, I can’t believe you are out there.
    Can someone tell me where all these photos are posted?
    Hey Nicky, how many socks doe you were now. Have your retired those two and three pair of tube socks?

  335. I guess I’ve caught campcouncilitis b/c I can’t stop thinking about camp memories! Here’s a few:
    -Meesh as Sandy in Grease (I got to be a beauty school dropout). Who played Danny?
    -Ryan Dorfman covered in hickies (I think multiple people attacked him for fun)
    -Bill McVay’s dog Pong (who always had tree burrs stuck in his fur)
    -The evening activity game where we were in teams and had to come up with songs on topics (like songs about a color)
    -Not talking when walking through the covered bridge, and I think we would also throw stones over the edge
    -Stomping on those popper things that would fall out of the trees onto the street when we went hiking to Rapp’s Dam

  336. Lanny, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I am not as dumb as you…. I get it now, Johnny Bravo!!! Catch ya later, Johnny! Love Anita! and I like to be in America.. everything free in America…

  337. Hey Everyone,
    Thanks Elisa for referring me to this site. Three generations of my family went ot Camp Council. I went from 77-83 I think.
    I remember Stuart (skunk). He was so cool. He was a councelor from what I remember.
    I also remember Greta. She was my councelor in lodge my last year. We used to sneak cigarettes in the bunk and put them out in the trash can. How dumb? She caught us, but we never really got in trouble. She was really cool, too. I think she was from Russia or Romania. Does anyone remember?
    Does anyone remember Donna Virgilio and her cousin Melissa (I think she was her cousin, I can’t recall her last name)? They were the Italian girls from South Philly. Donna was my gymnastics partner in the talent show. I had so much fun with them my last year at camp. They were so wild and crazy. You can take the girl out of South Philly, but you can’t take South Philly out of the girl.
    I can relate to having campcouncilitis.
    I loved the games too, especially the scavenger hunts and the game where we would have to pick a person from our team who could stand on their hands the longest, hold a note the longest, hold their breath the longest, etc… Does anyone remember what that game was called? I know we were divided into large groups and given a color as our team name.
    I’m in the Bucks county area (Doylestown), so if anyone is close by and can’t meet in Philly, maybe we can hold our own meetings and correlate with the NE philly crew to get the ball rolling on a reunion.

  338. Hey Kevin you adorable stud! Someone needed to tip us off earlier to this site. I emailed it to Becky, for those interested as well as Steven Hunn and Stacy Shanker (who are married to each other). I will try Tracey Kessler as well.
    Yes Lanny, I do remember dropping you off in AC. Last I remember you were still there.
    Hey Brad! Miss you Janet.

  339. nicky…wasn’t mende “phanatic” davidson crazy for you…i’m trying to remember what was to me…the younger guys were in bunk b or c when i was a counselor..michelle lynch i remember through debi and timmy….anybody have any ginko

  340. I’m home too. I have no life, especially since I don’t really know anyone down here. How have you been Lanny? I doubt you remember me.

  341. My daughter, Victoria told me about the website—-I may have been at Camp Council in summer 1957 as well; I only went for two summers (2nd trip) In 1955 the Vacation Bureau said that us half-breed kids had to go to Golden Slipper up in the poconos which was co-ed and sort of slimy. There was a major hurricane that year and the summer was unseasonably cold. We swam in a lake; in 1956 and 1957 I went to Camp Council. The first year I was in bunk 10—(I was the oldest and smallest)—I was 11

  342. Elisa, those pics were great. It’s amazing how many people I’ve forgotten about. I have a few pics around, I’ll have to see if I can find them and scan them in.

  343. Elisa… thanks or those pics! they were great! I ACTUALLY reconized people. Ellen Gill, I have been trying to remember her name for weeks now.

  344. hey suzzy…jog my memory, I looked at your previous postings and the names you brought up are all recognizable….not only that but I can actually attach a face to them as well….anyway suzzy I am good and thanks for asking….my daughters have tamed my wild ways though they are only seven…when you say you are down here..where is that?

  345. I have more pictures that I can scan and upload when I get a chance. It seems like I didn’t really take pictures when I was little, but took a lot in my last 3 years (1983-85). I’ll let you know when I post more.

  346. I just posted one other pic that I had scanned & sent directly to Derek earlier, of him & Kevin. Are they still this hot 20 years later? 🙂

  347. hey elisa…that’s my bother you you’re talking about….how do I get into the pictures…and yes Derek is still hot and available…make me an Uncle PLEASE!!!

  348. Lanny, near the top of this page is a link to Dave’s Camp Council site on Yahoo. You need to join the group, then you can get into all the pics. I have a pic of me from ’84 there, maybe that will help.

  349. Hi Lanny,
    I remember you as a counselor when I was younger. To access the pics, I think you need to sign up for a Yahoo account and then join the group at If there are any web gurus out there who have a better place to post pics with easier access, let me know.
    As far as becoming your future sister-in-law, not going to happen as I’m getting married in July. Sorry, but I do have some single friends who might be interested!

  350. thanks to both of you….i’ll try to join to access the pictures…just when I think I’m satisfied with my limited computer savy something else comes along to challenge …my wife normally handles these things …..good night

  351. those are great pictures, elisa. i can’t believe that’s me. i don’t have any pics from camp, anybody have some more they can post? Can anybody get in touch with steph joseph? I know she has a lot of good ones. Thanks for tryin to pimp me out paulie.

  352. Hey Lanny, if it makes you feel any better, i remember you as being very endearing to the younger girls who always had those sensitive problems. Not sure if you remember me, but I truly remember how sweet you were to me when I needed a shoulder. I was just talking to Michelle about it the other day.
    Hey Derek, I have been wanting to tell you that I still talk about the “HOMERUN” I caught when we played the counselors in softball. It is my story of fame when I was younger. I kicked your and Kevin’s butts at the game. HAHA. And to make me feel better I am sure you are going to tell me that you remember me playing in the outfield. UGGH I wanted to be on the boys team so bad when we played. RITA and Arthur stink. They had no business being on our turf.

  353. hey jodee…thank you for the compliment..that pattern I guess has continued …always seem to have people come to me with their little life problems…male,female,young or old it makes no difference….i help get people jobs, babysitters with their separations, deaths and whatever else…problem is..never been able to help myself..all in all things are good so maybe I don’t need the help yet…what’s the last name Jodee…I know I would remember you if I saw a picture….

  354. yo der….no problem brother..just trying to keep our name moving forward….who is it tonight.Tennessee or Auburn…gotta fire, later

  355. Sorry, I wasn’t even paying attention to it. Saw camp pics and scanned them. I guess it was just “mass confusion”.

  356. I just posted some pictures on the yahoo site. I can’t remember the names of the people in some of them…. sorry.


  358. I have been trying to remember the words to that one. We always sang that on the buses going to and from.

  359. WOW! Those pics really brought things back to me Michele. I had forgotten all about the luggage trucks. In the last pic, the girl in the white shorts, I want to say her name was Marla. She used to sing “Open Arms” at the talent show. The other girl looks familiar too, but can’t think of her name. I want to say Jodi Glass, but I’m not sure.

  360. Suzzy, I’m pretty sure you are right about Jodi Glass, and I think one of the blondes in the pic of the two girls on the hill is Valerie Silver.

  361. Yes Michele, I think you’re right about that being Valerie. Is everyone going to be wearing name tags at this reunion? I don’t think I’ll be able to recognize anyone.

  362. I’m having so much fun looking at the pics everyone has been posting. I haven’t had a chance to scan any more but will soon. I’m a pack-rat and have a box in the closet on my balcony labelled “childhood stuff” and I got it out today. Spent a few hours going through to find CC stuff. I think I have every letter my mom ever sent me at camp! I found my autograph books and will make a list of all the names in it. I also found a Camp newsletter from 1984 and a staff list from 1985. I might have more, but I started getting a headache. I’ll bring anything I find the next time everyone meets. Anything planned yet?

  363. It was great reading through this page of memories. Gluck certainly remember you. Marla and Sharon, how are you doing? Elisa love you for letting me in on this. Anyone in the Warrington, PA area. Let me know. Would love to chat.

  364. I just uploaded two more pictures, from 1982. One is me with Jim Miles. The other is me with Leah Brill, Shana Forman, Lisa Alstein, Melissa Del Mastro & Vicki Swanhart.

  365. Ellen, You have a brother name Michael who went to Camp Council as well did you not. As for Jodi Glass I believe she is living North of the Border. Married and with kids. I will try to get this link to her.

  366. Vicki I remember you and Melissa. Melissa taught me how to french kiss. You and Scott were at the campsite with us. I think I was 7 or 8 and she was an older woman around 10. Crazy times.

  367. Hi Suzzy, I do remmber you. Elisa helped me out with a few details but then it all came back to me. How are you doing now. For a while I was living about 5-10 min. from the CC camp. We were in Collegeville. Went to see what was left of the grounds. The wishing well is still there.

  368. I just read an email about a camp reunion. I never knew this blog existed. I do have so many fond memories of Camp Council. I still remember getting a standing ovation for reading the words “diabolical incantations” in the Snow White play. I remember joing that play and joining a dozen other groups just to follow Shana Forman around. And I will never forget the late night stealth adventures up the hill. It is a pleasure to hear the words of other people who loved that place.
    Best wishes,
    Louis Smith

  369. Lee, yes my brother is Michael. I will tell him about this site. I’m sure he will have some memories as well.

  370. I forgot my best memory…. years ago when returing home from camp… a bus broke down… I went home on the lap of some girl from lodge that I adored. I have no idea of her name anymore. I just know I sat there with my head on her shoulder feeling absolutely perfect.

  371. Jon,
    Were you in my bunk when we crossdressed to scare off the counselor? We convinced him the camp was bi/gay and he was going to quit? We showed up at a camp play with makeup and socks down our shirts. And the girls were arguing with us because we wore our boobs too high in our shirts.

  372. Ok, I am really gonna stop and do some work….
    BUT… I haven’t seen his name mentioned… maybe I missed it… what ever happened to Bones….the one who did all the song on piano…. down in valley bunk number 5,4,3,2,1….
    and I saw the Photo is Paul-siated… I remember how insane he would get from the taunts of Pausliated-Paulsiated…..

  373. I have such wonderful memories of camp council. I would love to see everyone again. Thanks Elisa for finding me in Florida. See you at the reunion!

  374. how about the flat rock about 630 700 not to late cause it could be packed down on main street. or were ever yall want to go i hope jimbo can make it paul ihope you can also.

  375. hey, Gluck just called me. He can’t post to the board. He keeps getting an error saying he’s not allowed to post. Dave, can you help him out? His email works fine and he can view the site, he just can’t post.

  376. Gluck can’t post to this board? There may be a problem with the IP blacklisting (to block comment spam). I’ll clear the list. If anybody has problems, send me email: deisner at gmail dot com.

  377. Andi Schwartz here…famous for annoying the guy bunks at lunch and dinner with “Attention Becky and Rhondetta….” OMG!!! I’m loving this site. I started out at Golden Slipper and then ended up in Bunk G/Lodge and never left CC again. I was a camper in the mid 70’s and became the first CIT to stay the entire summer. I finally left camp in 1980. Becky Solomon was my best friend and co-counselor. I loved so many of my kids in Bunk D,E,F, and G. I rememeber Jodi, Shari, Kim LeBlang, Marla, Alana, The Goldbergs, and many others. I still keep in touch with Becky…Lovin the color of gold…and I can get in touch with Amy Goldberg. I have pictures from CC and will try to scan and post somewhere. If you were a camper or counselor e-mail me at How’s my dance partner Jeff doing? I remember all the things you remember about French Creek, Kimberton Mall, the black cemetary stone, the campfires (always making you cry) Joanne who lived on the campsite (hi Jo), Doing laundry in town and in the cabin up the hill. The raids in the middle of the night on the boys cabins…Watching GH in the retreat…Driving the Van…and of course…being Lucy in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown…and lastly, all the SWIM SHOWS! Love to you all. Please write.

  378. SHARON…..OMG I just heard from Becky after her birthday. How are you sweetie! Now I really have a tear in my eye. Do you remember how many times I slept over you house? You were so sweet!xoxo Andi

  379. holy shit, i dont look at the site for a couple days and it’s like a new novel. marla and sharon, i’ve been tryin to find you guys for months! steph joseph was gonna get your numbers for me but??? anyway WASUPPP???

  380. I just posted a few more pictures on the yahoo site. Brett & Timmy jamming, and a few counselors: Lisa Cohen, Greta & Ellis.

  381. Andi, I think that Becky Solomon was my counselor…did she have black hair? I was in “G” my last summer there. I believe that my brother Rob (Greenfly) remembers you.

  382. Jon: You did not want to go out with me (on the soccer field) since I did not shave my leggs yet. But, seemed like Teri Odell did. HHM, now doe you remember? 🙂 You scarred me for life. Just kidding.
    Derek: Yes you were a counselor at that game. Good to see you remember. Wanna another try at it? I still play, help coached my step-daughters team last year. She is 14. UGGGH
    Lanny, Yes, I am Scott’s sister. Good memory!
    LEE: Can you believe I still have the play bill from PIPPIN and the actual script. I was Granny and you were the General?
    Ellen: Weren’t you good friends with my brother. I know he will be on the site soon. Ihaven’t spoken to him. How are you?
    Timmy, I have a great picture of you with your guitar on stage. I still have to scan my photos in.

  383. When Becky and I were co-counselors together, we hosted a Toga party before the start of camp. Was anyone out there at the party? I’m sure Brian was, and maybe Rob. I definately have a picture of that. Does anyone remember Pizza, Frank Siciliano, and Evan Schlessinger? (If Evan’s brothers see this (David and Brian)…please tell him I think of him, and hope he’s doing well.)Lisa Cohen was such a sweetheart. She asked me to light a candle at her bat-mitzvah. Lonnie…I remember you, as well. All these names started coming back to me in the last 24 hours. We played a prank on Rhonda Winokur and put her bed and cubby in the cess pool area during bunk patrol, and she was so awesome, she slept out there. Anyone remember Sexy Rexy? I had a counselor in Lodge named Faith, and I really thought she was awesome. Terri (swim show) was also one of my counselors. Marsha Rosenthal, Wendy Breslow, came to CC from Golden Slipper with me. Rick Schofield? Is that right? I remember being close to him too! Feel free to e-mail me at Thanks all…I’m sure I’ll remember more soon. Oh and my favorite places (sorry I couldn’t choose just one…) are: the campsite, the retreat, and the mess hall because of all the things we did there.

  384. We still seem to be missing a whole bunch of campers. I’ll try to get a hold of Tammy Dost. She should be able to get in touch with the Dorfman Clan.

  385. Timmy you should see if you can get a hold of Nelson. “Hey is this place a drive thru?” Pass the Yukon Jack!

  386. OMG!! and i thought i destroyed all of the pictures of me in spandex! ahh the 80’s were almost as regretfull as the 70’s. thank god i never wore polyester. thats some funny stuff.
    you people never stop amusing me. thanx.

  387. hey andy shwartz….it’s lanny not lonnie…how the hell areya,,,i do remember you and some names that you mentioned…frank siciliano,evan david and brian schlessenger…what about BIRDIE..Marlon the arts and crafts guy…how about mr. wise guy Scott Plolikoff…all these guys came from SGF over to Council during the Great Merger of 1977…none of them lasted I guess they never really adapted to the boy/girl camp thing…I had two younger brothers to keep me comming back and eventually closed out my camping career in 1986…this is pretty wild , isn’t it ?

  388. Hi Lanny….Yes, I do remember you. A cutie if I remember correctly. LOL I was actually talking about Lonnie Shama….she was one of my campers…but Lanny is pretty close!:-) It’s great seeing all these names and reflecting on some awesome times. Happy Hannukah to all!

  389. i remember you too andi i think i had a crush or something on you……i was 8.
    i remember pizza but never knew his real name,and marlon, he was kinda…well…gay and WAY too into A&C. wasnt rex a c.i.t.? didnt he break his arm skate boarding?
    where is jenny martin?why am i so compelled to be a part of this site?who shot J.R.? where do babys come from? ELVIS or Frank?

  390. awwwww…timmy…that’s so sweet! Yes…Rex did break his arm. Wow…what a memory. 🙂

  391. hey andi…i had a feeling you were talking about someone else..i took a shot…why haven’t we heard from Rhonda Whinnokur we love you…I was just a kid when you guys ruled the camp ….then you guys left in 1980..we got bigger and then we ruled…most of the people posting now are from the post Andi Schwartz era… but trust me ..they carried the torch well….happy channukah to you too.. how many ways can you spell it anyway….

  392. yo timmy…why do you feel so compelled to be a part of this site….we were…and because we once were..we still are a FAMILY..get it

  393. there’s a camp down in pheonixville camp council is it’s name
    from the rising sun til the day is done
    we’ll have lots of fun all day in the swimming pool we love to swim come right on in with us
    we got the………..brain fart

  394. Okay…Let me start by saying…I’m not a geek. LOL Actually, I used to save things by the years in shoeboxes. So far, I have found items from 1977. I’m not even believing what I found. READY? A welcome to Lodge sign saying “King of the Hill.” A marriage to Leonard Gaft from Bunk 4 when I was a CIT in 1977 signed by Iris Goldberg and witnesses by Lana Cohen. Two passes to the Kimberton Rollerama, A pass from the Kimberton Fair dated July 19, 1977. The cheers from colorwar that I captained (The Spades) with Bruce Lefkoe, My working papers for Council, A CIT coverage sheet of Teller Rec and Hardcourts, An award for “Rex and Andi” signed by Sharon Richman, Cindy Weinberg, and Brian Kater, A staff directory list, A Dear CIT letter…stating what to bring and where to be for orientation…A surprise party invite to Brian Kater’s party thrown by Shelli Katz and Rhonda Winokur…Letters from my campers: Linda (Piglet), Karen Goldberg, Cindy Weiss, Joey Mashat, Rhea Spitzer, and Beth Karp…AND LASTLY……a signed post of names of all interest in going roller skating…I’ll post the names later. Who knows what I’ll find later this week.

  395. The signed posted note included the counselors/cit’s from 1977. The list: Andi Schwartz, Iris Goldberg, Shawn O’Neil, Yona Feder, Frank Siciliano, Joanne Schmanek, Pizza, Murray Kramer, Bob Kravitz, Joe and Mitch Rottman, Rob Miller, Larry Schwalb, Walt Scheffler, Rob Greenstein (but someone crossed out the stein and put in fly), Sue Haftel, Cindy Freeman, Evan Schlessinger, Robin Gold, Steve Stark, Donna Pinto, Judy Goldberg, Becky Solomon, Bruce Tate, and Mark L. How’s that for finding some old stuff? LOL

  396. Hey Everyone,
    I can’t believe this site. My sister Heidi just got off the phone tonight with Suzzy. We are so excited about the possibility of a reunion. I can’t wait to tell Ryan and Steven about this site. Hey Tara and Sam. Nicky, I remember you always pumping me for info about Ryan. This site is great and filled with so many memories.

  397. Here are the names of counselors who signed my autograph books from 1978-1985: Johanna Richmond, Sue Robinson, Cheryl Goldstein, Myles

  398. Hey Nicole How are you? I have so many letters from you and Ryan. WOW, can’t believe I saved it all. I too found so many things in my camp things. I have a counselor address list with phone numbers from the last year of camp. I have three play bills of musicals I was in with the original scripts. I too have a marriage licence so Sean (from Englan) even though he was going out with Wendy. I have an adoption agreement for little Kim Rivera, all of my awards from the end of the encampments and I even kep all the notes from the carnival that we use to write to each other. I have many correspondence letters from Lisa Kovnot in college, Jon O, Michelle, Teri, Ryan, etc. I still have one of my leather bracelets and the gimp bracelet that we made on metal like a wrist band. WOW! So much fun looking through everything. Oh and I also have a few of the end of encampment news letters where everyone wrote something.
    Nicole, are you still in Lower Merion?
    Gluck, Scott is in Philly now. I told him about the site. Hopefully he will be in soon and chatting.

  399. Jodee,
    How are you? I recently moved back to the philly area. I live in Paoli. Ryan lives in Vermont. Steven is in South Jersey. Heidi is in Reading and Zack is in Albany, NY. So, we are all over the place.

  400. I am quite sure I was the other kid under the building cutting power off to the camp. I have retold that story a million times. I went to the first session my first year or two and then to second. I don’t know if Jon O remembers me. I really do enjoy reading all of the stories. I only wish I could remember more names. I remember stories but so few names and faces.

  401. Lana Cohen…she lived across the street from me. And Iris Goldberg, I wondered if she is the one from NE High??? If either of you guys find this site, please email me.

  402. I remember you Louis. You were the karate kid. You had a little brother that went to the camp too- We would turn off the power, walk around and watch people panic. They never caught us, but once they figured out what was happening, they said anyone who was caught doing it again would be kicked out of camp-

  403. Jodee,
    Good thing you shave your legs now! I guess I had a little Seinfeld complex “she ate her peas one at a time!”
    I found a bunch of letters you sent me although you used to sign Jody back then-

  404. Wow, many writers since I last checked in. How are you all doing? Things around here are great. I have a little girl, 17 months old, trying to type and help her play with her new hanukkah toys. Hello to all who remember me. This site has certainly brought back the memories of being a kid.

  405. Jon (and everyone),
    I sent you an email. I thought maybe you did not remember me. I have told my girlfriend that story about the power a half dozen times. (I love re-telling stories.) As soon as I read your post, I was like OMG its Jon! I thought I remembered you going by Jon O, but I had a vague memory of your last name. I have wondered about all of you over the years. I was always so sad that everyone went on with their lives and had no way to communicate. I imagine Elisa is really working her ass trying to locate people as are so many others. Thanks.

  406. Nicole-It’s great to see you here. How have you been? It was so strange talking to Heidi last night. I still see her as a 10-year old with long blonde hair. LOL

  407. I cannot believe this!! I am definately up for a reunion. There are so many names here that I remember. I was a waitri in 84 and a counselor in 85 and 86. Can’t wait to talk to everyone. I live in Cherry Hill and work there too. Anyone remember me….Ricki Freeman?

  408. Yes – Ricki
    I remember you. You helped me pierce my ear one year. I can’t remember but I think I was in bunk F

  409. Go to for the funniest Hannukah song/video. It’s to the tune, “Hey Ya”! Happy Holidays!

  410. Debi…That picture that you not identify is Me with Kim LeBlang…She was a special kid. I can’t believe how young I was…Sigh! LOL You also have a picture of yourself with Rick Schofield.

  411. Suzy, that is Rickie Friedman that has the sister Jill. I am the other one. Nicole….I was your counselor. What are you up to these days? And how are your brothers? Please say hello to them for me.

  412. Well, word is traveling fast.
    Andi of course I remember you coming over.
    Ricki wasn’t that you that dated Sean from England?
    Ellen, how are you? Are you still friends with anyone from high school?
    Timmy…long time, too long. How are you doing? I still tell the story of how I broke my arm jumping out of the tree after you to my 5th grader students…they find it quite amusing.
    I can’t wait to see you all. This reunion has to get planned fast! I have a ton of pictures which I’ll get out there as soon as I can get them scanned.

  413. Ellen…I was really good friends with Shari Spivack, but not so much anymore. She lives in Warminster with her husband and 3 boys (twins and one more). She is fine…not working..and living the life. If I speak to her again…I will tell her about this site.
    Sharon….I didn’t date sean…it was Neil Mccurly. Good memory though.

  414. Hey Sharon, doing well, living in Warrington, married, 1 daughter, 1 dog, 1cat, and 2 birds. Stay at home mom. Taught in Philly for 5 years. Resigned after I was threated with a gun by one of my parents. I don’t keep in touch with anyone from high school, however where Jaiden goes to school at Beth Am there are alot of Washington people. Familiar faces and we talk, but just about the kids and school. Would love to hear how you are doing. Hopefully well.

  415. Ricki, I recently ran into Shari at the supermarket. She remembered me. Stopped me and said you are Ellen and went to Camp Council.

  416. Ricki- Sorry about that. I had a feeling I made that mistake right after I hit enter. LOL I do remember your name, but can’t place the face.

  417. Hey Andy, I remembered you, I could not remember your name… Werent you my counselor??? How bout a Wendy??? I have a picure of her I will try to upload and get on the site. I still have some pictures I cant get on the site…

  418. JillyBean…I remember her too. She was so cute!I saw a posting from Steve Schmanek earlier, or was it on the other site? Anyway…Steve, I remember you. JoAnne, Becky, Rhonda, and I hung out together for a few years. If you speak with her tell her hello for me.
    Debi….It’s all starting to get less hazy with pictures and names. I was probably your CIT in Bunk E or F. I went all summer, and was also a CIT in Bunk C. When I was a counselor, I was pretty much in Bunk G. If anyone wants help me jog my memory again…feel free to drop more names. 🙂

  419. Ricki: How are you? Can you believe I still have your letters from Isreal? WOW! I have photos of you and Shari at my Bat Mitzvah party. I will have to post them on the other site. I have thought about you over the years. Some of my family is from Isreal and I spoke about your experience to them.
    Jon: Yes, I did spell my name with a “y”. However, I got tired of being put on the boys roster at school for gym class so I started doodling and changed it legally in about 8th grade. You know us woman, so finicky.

  420. Kim,
    There is far too much going on at work. I only left you a single line response. Please do tell me who you are, I can’t recall. Take care!

  421. Jodee,
    Picture 6 & 14 are me. Where did you get those? I don’t remember taking those. I know picture 14 is Scott Cardonick but I don’t remember who those girls are with me in picture 6

  422. Louis –
    You mom is Betty, right?
    My mom is (Ginny) is friends with your mom…
    They grew up together, went to camp together and now they are friends in Florida (mom just moved not too long ago 🙂

  423. Jodee, is that Joel Perlstein in the pic with you and your brother? I used to be friends with him in High School.

  424. Jodee, those pics were great. I love seeing all these old pictures. I wish I had more stuff. I used to have the script to “Grease” that we did one summer, and my t-shirts, and some of the newsletters. Bummer. After the holidays, I am going to try to make some CC jewelery or whatever I can do. If anyone has any ideas, just email me at .

  425. I went to Camp Council from 1954 to 1963… it was a very happy time in my life. I can still remember the bug juice. My last year there I was a waitress. Does anyone remember Blossom? she ran the camp in the early days. I met her years later… it brought back all the great memories.

  426. Hey Rich: I have more photos to ost. I need to scan them in. I even have a photo of you with Jon and Glenn and Brooke Aniloff at the one cap reunion during the winter time. The two girls on the right with long blonde hair and brunette are Allison ( I think only came the one summer) and I believe Ellen Gill. I can’t remember the other two girls names.
    Scott: How are you? Not sure if you remember running into each other years ago at I think it was Ocean city. Well yes it is Joel and no the Scott in the photo is Scott Cordonick not my brother.
    Suzy, I still have my one gimp bracelet that we used a metal base and then wove the gimp inbetween for designs. Do you remember that.
    Hey, I was going through some of my old carnival letters and there are some names letters of names I do not remember, can anyone help? There were three who ran together Adam (I think Bowman), Frank and Dave who are from Bensalem. I do not have last names. Does this ring a bell to anyone? And did a Tony Monteleone go to camp for just one summer that anyone can remember? His name is written on all of these notes from the carnival that I have.
    OK, I will try to post more photos today. Enjoy

  427. Kim,
    Yup! That’s me. So how do you know my name? Noel’s name? You only told me how your mom knows my mom. 🙂

  428. Jodee-yes,I remember all about gimp. My oldest son loves it. We have a ton of it-in fact, I think some of it was mine from camp. That stuff lasts forever. I also remember making baskets and the leather bracelets…the braided and stamped.

  429. Kim,
    Mom said she lost your mom’s number when she moved… she asked if you could email it to me. She was all excited when I mentioned you. She gave me a brief bio of your life.

  430. Hi Rona,
    I went to camp from 1954-58 (2nd encampment). My last name was Silverman. My daughter Elisa Kurland told me about this site. She was a camper and we are both excited about a possible “all camp reunion.” I remember Blossom Nissum. She was the director my first 2 summers and then “Aunt Babs” became the director. My first summer I was in bunk 10 and the councellors were aunt Lois and aunt Lucy. I moved up to the hill the next yr and was in Bunk A (Aunt Babs whose real name was Babette Fruend was my councellor. I remember Weezie was in charge of swimming. I also remember a councellor named Louie. Mickie (who had a Jeep) was in charge of nature lodge. Do you remember “Uncle Bud” and his son Bruce who lived on the grounds and were caretakers?

  431. I can’t believe this! Elisa Kurland just got in touch with me and told me about this site. We just talked on the phone laughing and remembering so many good times. I would love to be a part of a reunion. I will definitely keep checking out this site for new information. I have so many great memories of camp! I try to tell my kids some of these funny stories when they come home with their camp stories, but they just don’t get it.

  432. Shana,
    Great to see your post. It has been a few years. I can’t believe you have kids in camp yourself. How time flies. I look forward to hearing more.
    -Louis Smith

  433. Jodee….please don’t post any pics of me back then…I was not all I could be at that time. I would like to see them though. When you get a chance, email them to me at
    One question though…since I don’t remember being at your bat mitzvah, what is your last name? Were you my camper or were we counselors together (or waitri together). Sorry but my memory is not that good. Where are you living now? Married? Kids?

  434. Does anyone remember the girl who did, “I’m a tube of toothpaste, and I just squeeze…” on stage? What was that about?
    How about the birthday song. Does anyone remeber how that went? The only part I remember is “wish they, wash they, oohh happy birthday to you, to you, to you?” My birthday is in July, so I always serinaded by the whole camp.
    Jon O,
    I vaguely remember being at the camp fire with you and Melissa. Was Stephen Spiegal there too? He was my first french kiss. I think I was 10 too. What a crush I had on him. I remember being in competition with Shana over Stephen. I believe she won because of that cute little mole she has on her face. No hard feelings Shana, 25 years later. I think we were only two of many on the tree trunk with Stephen. Remember “unity, unity, together all day, together all night…unity.” I can’t wait to see more names I recognize.

  435. Jodee; Hi there… your pics are great! But of course because of my wonderful memory I remember faces and not names. Can you email me who is in some of those. I love seeing all these pictures!

  436. King & Queens and Princess too, Want to wish you all thats true, So wish day, wash day, what do you say, Birthday.. Happy Birthday to you (stamp foot twice) to you (stamp your foot twice )to you….

  437. Vicki, that is too funny that you remember us having a little competition. Life is just so hard for 10 year olds! What is really funny is that Stephen ended up attending my high school and I think we said maybe two words to each other the whole time. I can’t wait for a reunion to see you and so many others from such a fun time in my life.

  438. Hello all IT’S THE RABBI!!!!!
    Hey all it’s me.. Barry Reidenberg, actually I go by my Hebrew Name now which is Dov-Bear…
    I was just up in Philly visiting my sisters, and spoke to Lee Gordon, and I saw Kim… Suzzy and I are in constant communications w/ each other since we only live 1 hour from each other here in Miami!!!
    I posted something here before Thanksgiving, looks like it never made it onto the board… Oh well…
    Well lets see, I was studying at Aish HaTorah Yeshiva years ago for the Rabbanute, but decided that Computers was more for me…
    Hey Gluck, get intouch w/ me.. Geez it’s been a hell of a long time since we’ve spoken…
    All I have to say to this reunion is HELL YES!!!!
    I remember Bones & his Riot Song… Kim, Suzzy, Andrea Cherry, The Puke Machine, Jake & his dog… I loved my time there as a camper and a councelor in it’s last year…

  439. Vicki-
    You’re right! It was Stephen not Scott! I had no clue as to what a french kiss was and I had to watch you and Stephen to learn. Poor Melissa! She was very patient~

  440. Hey Bear. I thought I was losing what was left of my mind. I kept looking for that post you told me about, and couldn’t find out. It’s nice to know that I haven’t lost it all yet.

  441. Just wondering if people met this past weekend and, if so, any more details on planning the reunion?

  442. Ricki: I went by Jody (not Jodee) Saville. My brother is Scott. We were in WAITRI for a short time together. I got moved up from Lodge when Stephanie Joseph was asked to leave camp. I was also in your Bunk as a CIT. I promise not to post any pics of you. I will email you later this week and we can catch up.
    I love that birthday song and sing it all the time. I also have one that you may remember. Our count down song to the end of encampment.
    Hark the harold Angels shout. three more days till we get out. Three more days of misery in this penetentiary. Back to smoking, back to drinking, back to sex and evil thinking. Hark the harold angels shout, three more days till we get out.
    Does anyone remember that one?
    I will put names to faces in this pics too so everyone can remember. Some I forget so I will do my best.

  443. Hey Jodee, I remember that day on the boardwalk, right? That was probably about 13 years ago during my senior week.
    Mel, you have any pics to post?

  444. Just checking in…. Last weekend was a bust! We’ll get it together soon. Hopefully everybody is ready for the holidays.

  445. Hi Tracy! How have you been? How is your sister? Please tell her I said Hi. Last time I saw here, she was working at Burlington Coat Factory on the Blvd.

  446. Hey Suzzy,
    I’ve been very well thanks! How about yourself??
    I’m going to forward Jamie this website! She hasn’t been at Burlington for a long time. She just had her first baby in October and is a respiratory therapist at Jefferson in Philly. She’s still on maternity leave, but goes back to work the end of January.

  447. That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear that everything is going well for you and Jamie. How long has it been? Since high school?

  448. Hey Tracy, How’s it going?
    I saw Jaime at my wifes OBGYN a few months ago. Does she live in South Jersey? She must have been there for a check up. It finally hit me who she was after she went into see the doctor. I never got a chance to say Hello.

  449. Scott, hey, no i didn’t take any pictures in camp :o(, I have recent pics, but no one wants to see them. their no fun.. lol. Where are yours?
    Tracy, HEY how are you… Where’s Jamie been, my husband and I haven’t seen in a while. Tell to sign on!

  450. Hi Tracy, Good to see you are doing well. Funny how so many people are addicted to this site. Happy Holidays to everyone.
    Yes Scott it was on the boardwalk a million years ago.

  451. now I understand why we all enjoy these great vintage pics of camp… how come no one is exchanging recent pictures… doesn’t anyone care about us NOW!!! lol

  452. Hey Jodee, good to hear from you! Please tell Scott that I said hi!
    Rich/Melanie – she lives in Atco NJ now. Yes, she was there for a check up. I’m surprised she didn’t recognize you. Then again, she can be in la la land sometimes….sorry Jamie, but it’s true. 🙂

  453. on the camp polls… under favorite camp activities… where is Carnivals??? that was my favorite! Especially that message table… I’ve been trying to do something like that at the jcc camp carnival, but I can’t remember how it goes. again with my memory

  454. Last night a name popped into my head of a girl I remember from my younger days at camp (1979-81?). She’s not in my autograph book, so I don’t know her last name or where she was from, but does anybody remember Gwen?

  455. I had a great time at the reunion last night. It was so fun to see everyone. So much crazy fun stuff happened. Cant wait to do it again. Im thinking we should go to a bigger place next time. Maybe it was me but with the 50 of us there we were kinda cramped. Otherwise, had a great time.

  456. On the polls – I am asking would you prefer a place like…
    I need to know. I cannot afford to spend a weekend and attend the activities if we stay at any one of the places in King of Prussia.
    We were offered a great deal at Best Western, and camp is only like 40 minutes away from Philadelphia now.
    I am just trying to see where people stand, and what they are willing to shell out. I am not kidding when I say $120 a night and $75 a head for one dinner. That will not include anything else. That’s just the food.

  457. Elisa… are you talking about Gwen and Becky? I remember them, they were from Atlantic City, I was friends with Becky.

  458. I was good friends with Becky too We were often in the same bunk (at least three times).
    For the life of me, I cannot remember their last names.

  459. wow –
    holy shit!!!!!
    there are a lot of fucking people on this thing huh
    crazy to read this
    i lost the bulletin for a while and now i’m back
    whats up camp council people
    so many familiar names but my memory sucks
    vicki swanheart – !!!!!!!!! first kiss i couldnt believe when you opened up your mouth and put your tongue in mine
    i’m glad to hear your still around i asked some people about you a few years back but nobody knew where you were or how to get in touch.
    der scott car bri obl lanny jordan GLUCK blah blah blah
    love you all
    next time any of you all come to los angeles e-mail me
    and we’ll hook up for some memories

  460. Kim Atias, I remember your name. I believe you were in my bunk a couple of times. I have to ask Elisa. She has a much better memory than I do about camp names. Gwen? Was she semi crosseyed? My brother Eric Swanhart went to camp the same time I did when it became co-ed. He’s 2 years older than me, which makes him 37 years old. I am 35 and holding. We called him Ricky when he was kid, but now he goes by his real name, Eric. Does anyone remember him? He had a thing for a girl name Miche, Mishe? (I think that was her name). Does anyone remember her? I loved to know what everyone is up to now. Please post, because then we can maybe start a something like a who’s who camp council alumni booklet. I haven’t married yet, nor had any children, but I am currently living in sin with a prince, after kissing many frogs. I’ve been focusing on completing my bachelor’s in education at Temple University which I’ve been attending part-time for a little over 10 years. I make a living as a bartender/waitress at a local tavern in Bucks County. My life is a little dull, but very content. I have two cats and a dog. Hopefully everyone will post their up-to-date life status to satisfy everyone’s curiousity. I’m sure most of you have children by now. I’d love to know how old they are. Please post. Thanks, Vicki

  461. yeah yeah yeah – check e-mails
    suzzy i saw your picture on the yahoo thing and you looked familiar but i cant remember anything specific.
    but anyway i’m sick right now which is probably why i checked my email to begin with so i am home playing on this thing other than that i’m fantastic life is grand its 82 degrees in southern california and i’m sweating my ass off – going to snowboard for new years with 10 or so friends and thats all i have to look forward to.

  462. Stephen- I hope you feel better soon. It sucks being sick around the holidays. We’re only in the 70’s here in sunny Miami, but I can live with that. Have fun snowboarding!

  463. hey’s lanny…cats, dogs, sickness, snowboarding, trips to the mountains…man you guys got it made …i’ll be a grandfather in 10 years for sure…talk about problems…Vicki I do remember your brother Ricky but I don’t remember you but you must be special if Stephen says you rocked his world…which tavern do you work at..I work at one down the shore …it’s open 24 hours and it’s a few miles from the Borgota so we get our fair share of excitement…I think the name you guys are trying to come up with is GWEN FELDMAN…maybe

  464. Hey Suzzy! How are you? It’s been ages. I doubt you remember me.
    Spiegel, remember our first kiss i couldnt believe when you opened up your mouth and put your tongue in mine

  465. obie one –
    yeah i remember – if it wasnt for vicki i woulda been all yours. plus the fact that you had a dick got in the way.
    when you comin out to visit punk.
    KP where are you ???
    hows the family – if i ever make it back there i gotta see your kids. hope your doin well.

  466. lanny lanny lanny –
    havent spoken to you in years- grandkids eh – dont jump the gun on that one. what bar are you workin in ??? i’m supposed to see your brothers next month in Tucson but i dont know if it’ll happen,yet.
    shana forman (lebofsky) –
    i dont think we said one word to each other in high school. i coulkdnt believe when i saw you the first time
    i almost shit myself and you didnt say anything and i figured you hated me which you probably did but after all these years i’m glad to hear your doing well –
    it really was a cute mole too…i’m sure your kids are beautiful.

  467. Stephen,
    I didn’t hate you at all in high school, in fact, just the oppososite – I thought you didn’t want to talk to me. Anyway, I was quite shocked when you showed up at my school after all those years. I am doing very well these days. I have three kids, and I do think they are beautiful! I hope you can make it to a reunion – it would be nice to actually talk to you!

  468. shana –
    see how stupid we were – oh well at least we get to make up for it now. 3 kids, oh my god. you must be very busy- i have trouble remembering to walk my dog.he’s an asshole though.but i love him anyway. my mother would kill me if i came back to philly to go to a reunion but that probably wont stop me, ima gonna try. i hate flying so i usually only do it when someone dies gets married or i get a job. so maybe its time . my mother just bought a new house and she’s been begging me to come home so maybe june is a good time of year for that.

  469. is there anyone who did NOT have a crush on Stephen? lol. You stud you! I had so many crushes in camp….. I was so boy crazy… hey I still am! I am married with a 4 year old and I still get crushes!
    Steph,… how is that your mom bought a new house and I didn’t know about it? Guess my mom didn’t think I would care. By the way, how was spending the summer with Lauren? I haven’t seen her in a while.
    Lata all

  470. hey all, i just had to delete 60 f’in emails from the yahoo site. i dont know what i did to get all that shit but if i wanted it i would read it on the site. now, since i unsubscribed, i cant even see the pictures. what the fuck? is ther not a way i can visit without getting all the crap email? anyoone…please help….

  471. thanks for the props mel –
    yeah they got a house like 2 weeks ago in…… aw fuck i cant find the post it with my mothers address.oh well somewhere in pa. right outside of philly i think near bucks county or something. lauren was great we had a lot of fun – she’s goint to australia in Feb. for a semester at sea.i cant believe she’s in college. dont get any ideas OBLON she’ll break your heart. hey TIMMY LYNCH
    i know your name but i dont have one recollection of you for some reason which is insane. did we never go to the same encampments maybe.

  472. Timmy: Log in to, and go to Then, click on the “Edit My Membership” link near the upper right-hand corner of the page. Under the section labeled “Message Delivery” select “No email” and then press the “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

  473. OK so now that we are cursing on here; all you PA people, how fucking cold was it today!!!!!! Suzzy I am coming to stay with you! Unless Stephen will have me in summy cali? So who wants me there? I need some place warm!

  474. Hi Stephen- how are you? I also had a crush on you in camp. Never told anybody! Too funny. To be young and innocent again.
    Jodee saville- How are you? I miss you. We have to talk soon.
    Michele- I know you are still looking at this site and not writing!
    Tracey K. How are you. It has been too many years. Fill me in soon.
    Hi Timmy L. You are not missing anything. The pictures do not do any of us justice.

  475. debbie- sorry it took me a while to get back to you..only one computer and it’s hard to get near it sometimes…won’t be going to lv superbowl weekend…have to work..that would be a good place for everyone to meet…don’t you think

  476. Another song remembered (please ignore misspellings)(circa 1957):
    The “Rain Song”
    A woonie, woonie, ki I coonie;
    A woonie, woonie, ki I coonie;
    I, I, I, icky I ki amos;
    I, I, I, icky I ki amos;
    A woo, a woo, a woonie weechie
    Stop Rain
    A – A – A – A,
    A – A – A – A

  477. sorry about the f’in cursing lanny – its just that my vocabulary is very limited due to the exceptional schooling i had. you can let your kids read again. but maybe you should stop talking about the bong you had to give up if your so worried.
    nicky hurvitz – whats up cutie. i just remembered that we actually lived one street away from each other back then – i forget your street but mine was fanshawe – do you remember?? sorry about the hurvitz thing (habbit)
    and i’m to lazy to scroll up to see what your new name is. i’m fantastic thanks for asking. life is good. living the struggling artists life.feast of famine. unfortunately at the present time its famine but i’m still enjoying it,. i dont think i’ve seen you since like junior high,right?
    gluck – i had no idea what you were referring to a few posts ago but i just figured it out. sorry vicki i think maybe gluck was the first person i swapped spit with.
    unfortunately he didnt take me out to dinner or for a dance first but just the same….i had much more fun with you !!!

  478. There you go! It’s about time you remembered. Don’t worry…. These peeps don’t need any explanations. I’m glad your enjoying Cali. Hopefully you’ll get really discovered and all your old friends can be part of your entourage! Aside from that, the thing I remember about you from camp is playing center field in jeans and no shirt and the amazing shoe string catches. You were the man in the outfield!

  479. glucker –
    where are you living now?? what do you do for work??
    do you remember SCHLOCK??? that crazy movie about the ape that ripped peoples arms off when he shook their hands.thats all i remember from the movie but we watched it at like 4am one day when i slept at your house.we were like 11 or 12. oh god were old now.

  480. only joking spiegs……my girls curse enough without your help..they have been dubbed by my father in law “THE CURSIN COHENS'”…sounds like one of those B movies that you may star in one day…Have you looked in to the adult film industry yet…it may prove lucrative and you don’t need much of a vocabulary.

  481. Steph, I know just the person to talk to about getting into the adult industry, but not sure its the kind of porn you would be interested in… lol (the sad thing is, I’m actually not kidding)
    Speaking of B movies… I am the Queen… anyone ever see Student Bodies? best movie ever made, next to Desparate Teenage Love Dolls

  482. Well I’m gettting a kick out of reading this board… Bringing me back memories that I thought I had forgotten… Well I got some good news for you Kim & Suzzy be proud of me… I just opened up my Computer Shop finally down here in North Miami Beach.. That’s why I haven’t been on here much…
    Kim let Lee Gordon know I’ve tried to call him, and I’m still getting his voice mail…
    Gluck, what’s going on with you???
    Anybody remember Rooster, and if so what’s he doing these days?
    Keep in Touch…
    The Rabbi

  483. Funny how 2 1/2 weeks a year can bring back so many memories. That and the smell of stale tooth paste. I went to Camp Council from 80-84. I was the worst swimmer in the camp; I think thats how most people would remember me. I had a horrible fear of the water. People who I remeber most is Elisa, Susan (Suzzy), some girl who cut my hair when I was in Lodge and a counselor named Rhonda who called me Mergatriod. I also remember Shana and the chubby girl with glasses she used to hang around. OHH and how can I forget Amy Zites (everything from A-Z)

  484. Missy,
    Thanks for reminding me of this long forgotten cheer…
    1 we are Camp Council
    2 a little bit louder
    3 I still can’t hear you
    How about these?
    Go bananas, go go bananas
    Lean to the left, lean to the right,
    Peel the banana and UH take a bite!
    We love you Council (or somebody’s name)
    Oh yes we do
    We don’t love anyone as much as you
    When we’re not near you, we’re blue
    Oh Council we love you. OH YES WE DO!

  485. Hi Melissa! How are you? Woohoo, someone remembers me! How have you been? What are you up to?
    Elisa-I remember those. I forgot all about the banana cheer.

  486. Do you remember this one…
    There’s a fire in bunk A and it’s spreading to bunk B..there’s a child sick in bed, children standing on their heads ….(some words I forget)….
    Night Patrol where are you?
    I remember that cheer… 1 we are Camp Council..etc. I think we stole that one from Rita one year after we played them in softball….Does anyone else remember that?

  487. Holy crap Spieg, I remember Schlock! I couldn’t remember where or when or even with whom I saw it. That is great stuff. Was that when you lived down on Frankford Ave near Linden? I have a distorted memory of being at you house then. It’s good to know that pot hasn’t destroyed all of our pasts!

  488. Hi Suzzy, I remember a night I spent at your house and we made your mom mad because we spent half the night talking.
    Another mess hall cheer I remember kind of remember… not all the words though..
    We are the girls up on the hill,
    we go to council camp as you all know
    as for the…..
    ..we go camping day after day
    hey look us over we’re from the hill
    living way up there sure gives us a thrill…
    I am sure there is more but I forgot but after all the bunks would sound off.
    I just read some more posts…
    I think I had spanish and algebra class(Mr. Zison)with Nikki Horowitz in high school. Northeast. I am pretty sure that she didn’t like me much though. I think I went to school with a lot of people from camp and I didn’t realize it. Heather Sklar, I think went to NE too and I just saw her picture on the yahoo group site.
    Oh, and I don’t remember anyone named Stephen from camp, so I don’t think I had a crush on him. I don’t think I had a crush on anyone from camp. I liked some kid Lanny though, but I don’t think he went to Council. His last name was Cortez and lived on Deveruax Street.

  489. Did anybody go to Camp Council in the late 60s to early 70s? If so, please get in touch. I would be interested in helping to plan a reunion.

  490. WOW! Haven’t been on the site in a while. I am amazed that nobody has mentioned COLD PRICKLIES and WARM FUZZIES yet. Didn’t anyone learn anything from Friday nite services? How about the song “When a buffalo spied his brother, why do they lay that way. when a buffalo spied his brother…..he’s been dead,,,,since way past may….since waaaaaay paaaaast may.” Forgot some of the words to it. I also remember:
    I’ve got three wheels and a running board, I’m not a chevy and I’m not a ford, bang bang waddle waddle waddle pop beep beep, (again) and repeat over.
    Also my favorite camp fire song: Life is like a little boat upon the sea, everybody is a part of everyone anyway, you can have it all if you set yourself free, (repeat like row row row your boat)
    Does anyone remember any of these songs?
    Hey Nicki: I remember part of a “BLUE TEAM” song tha tyou sang as rap to win the color war. it goes something like this” WE are the smurfs our color is blue, we got a lot of rap to sing to you, we’ve Kimmy and ryan as our head, we will compete until we just drop dead! DO you remember singing that on stage for our team? I do. FUnny how things just come back to you.
    Have a great Holiday everyone.

  491. And for the record: not that I didn’t have a crush on just about every boy at camp at some point or another, after all there were a lot of summers and a lot of encampments, I always went all three each year, Stephen, you always let me dance with you even though you were going out with I think Marla that summer. You were so nice to me. Probably don’t remember who I am, but I know who you are. I think I posted a picture of you and Kevin during carnival at the sponge toss on the other site. if not I will. Good to see you are doing well.

  492. jodee- that is so funny. Every time I think about that rap, I get flushed. It went to the tune of the fat boys. ” The smurf team will win, and we know that we never will lose” The smurf team will win” remember the smurfs” Michele Gussman- one of my favorite people in camp made me sing the rap. She painted my face blue, dreaded up my hair, and made me wear a smurf hat. How humiliating. Melissa, I don’t remember you in school. I really don’t think I liked anyone in High School. Those were my hormonal days. I was pretty bitchy. Sorry if you think I did not like you. I did’nt like myself too much those days. Growing pains. Anyway, I have grown after all of these years. Stephen, I am so glad you called me. You sound awesome. I can’t wait to see you. Probably saw you in a commercial.

  493. Hi Kim It was great to see you the other night. Sharon and I had a great time. It was great to catch up and find out about each others families. It was as though time had never passed. Remember that time at Lodge?
    Hay Nicky, Brian, Stephen, Lanny, Ellen, Derek, Jordy, Glucker, Kevin, Tara, Andi how are you?
    Hi Michele thank you for doing so much work on this reunion. Timmy has told me how hard you are working.

  494. hey merry christmas to all you goyam
    where the hell is KP?????
    or TP???
    hi sharon solomon i forgot to say when i emailed marla
    but now its on record
    how are you??

  495. does anyone remember when Slipper came to our camp and we were so mean to them? I don’t know if this is something that happened all the time… I just remember it once

  496. Happy Holidays everyone.
    Nicky-I tried to get a hold of Michele Gussman, but she may have moved. Last I knew, she was living in New York, engaged I think, to a guy named Seth, who also went to camp with us.

  497. wuzz up sspieegel kp here how the hell are you its been too long hows curl how old is she know i hope all is well and hope to see you when your around next im on here an there so i’ll talk to you soon thim lynch merry, gluck ,bennett, and all a good nite. spieges give acall 4843904844

  498. I remember we mooned camp Rita when they came to visit. We got in trouble for that.
    Suzzy, I live in Texas now. I’m married now with 2 kids (5 and 3) and a 3rd one on the way.
    What WAS that girl’s name who cut my hair? She introduced us to a new term: “BUFU”. Hey remeber “BUFU MITCHEL” I remember she was from Golden Slipper and won most valuable camper or something and eveyone was upset because she only been in our camp for 1 year.(stupid things I remember)
    Nicky, I hated everyone in HS too. The only reason I remeber you is because Zison only seemed to give you and me a hard time in his class. Me for being late. I don’t really remember why he gave you a hard time, but I was just glad he wasn’t picking on me at the time.

  499. Haven’t been on the site in a while. just catching up on all the messages.
    hope everyone has a great holiday.
    Michele call me, I think the reunion place up near camp is better.

    Hey Jodie I can vouch you not having a crush on evey boy in camp… You never had a crush on me…. Actually I don’t even remember you even looking my way at all.. Oh well….

  501. Melissa-Congrats. I’m very happy for you. I don’t know who cut your hair, but I do remember BUFU! When/If you have a chance, give me call 786-866-9638 and maybe we can figure it out and catch up.

  502. Hi all my old friens from years ago, Lee Gordon, Suzzy & Holly & Kim Garlick, does anyone hear from her, if so please ask her to email me, those of you who have my # you can gove to her. loots to catch up on. Holli/Sue, Thx for sending me this site. P.S. Lee G, email me sometime .

  503. Elyse, Holli didn’t go to camp with us. She went somewhere else…day camps only. I tried to get her to go, but she wouldn’t. Her loss. LOL

  504. ELYESE!!!!! Why don’t u call me when i leave u messages at your parents??? I called you on Chanukah to wish you, Marc and your parents a happy Chag!!!!
    You don’t even talk to me when u get onto AOL!!! WTF!!!!
    Call me when you have the time, if you lost my number e-mail me at the AOL addy or ask Yoram for it!!!

  505. I just finished reading the posts on this site. Wow! I remembered so many names. I hope some of you remember me also.
    I live in Florida now but I am very interested in the reunion. If there is a e-mail list going around please add my name DBLTRBLKAL@AOL.COM

  506. Hi Kelly. Your name sounds familiar, but I can’t picture your face. What part of Florida are you in? I’m in South Miami.

  507. Ok. I haven’t been out that way yet. I am heading to Naples on Tues. for work. Are you far from there? We are headed to a condo bldg called Solamar.

  508. Hi, Suzzy
    Kelly’s name sounds very familiar to me as well & cannot picture her. Do you by any chance know Kim Garlick or Lee GOrdon, if you do pls ask them to email. Looking forward if there’s going to to be a reunion. Does anyone have pics of us when we were younger?